Back at it!!!!

So it’s been forever since I’ve posted anything on here but I feel that now is an appropriate time?


I started working out again. You’re prbably saying, “Blah, blah, blah Livi! You did that last year. What’s new?”

Well, here’s what’s new….I joined a gym!!!!! —>insert applause here<— LoL ok well the fact that I joined the gym isn’t really cause to celebrate, the fact that I am motivate to go is. Last year, I was ready to go hard and work out at home run/walk/jogging, which was great until the sun decided to exact it’s revenge on the earth. Can you say summer time? Yea, it was a little too hot to be out there exercising when I’m prone to fainting…and ya know, heat stroke and all that.

I joined Planet Fitness for a couple of reasons

1. It’s close to my job so I can go after I get off

2. It’s 24 hours on weekdays so I can go whenever I feel like it

3. It’s just cute!!! Their mission statement of having a “no judgement zone” is just adorable and just the suggestion of being able to workout without feel that people are staring is good enough for me (and obviously all the other people who were there) to go there.

I do indeed dig Planet Fitness….did I mention free t-shirt??? I love T-shirts!!!!

Since this is only day one, all I can do is make promises to stick with an exercise routine…so here’s the promise. Ready?

I, Olivia, promise to go to the gym at lease 4 days a week and go hard for like…..40 minutes??? (I’ll work that out later). I promise not to feel like I’m going crazy when my weight does not seem to be dropping as fast as I think it should or when I hit a plateau and I need to shake it up a bit. I promise to dedicate time, effort and attention to living a healthy lifestyle even beyond the gym consuming a lot of water, less sugar, cooking more (I love when I cook) and consuming less fast food….although, I haven’t been doing that for a while now. I promise to figure out some kind of salad thing that I like so I have more meal/meat alternatives….good veggies are so hard to some by. I promise that when it is time to hit the beach, I will feel awesome in my beach-wear, even if I have yet to reach my goal size (size 9….for now. I’m at 11 so, eh, we’ll see when we get there). I want to be happy to be healthy!!!

A promise written by me to me.

GO ME!!!!!

LoL here we go.


Height – 5’7″

Weight – 195.8 (so says my scale)