How’s it going?

Something I’ve noticed about these 30 day processes? They are only supposed to last 30 days…what happens after that. I think God kind of convicted me about that telling me that this discovery thing is a life-long process. Not so much in discovering myself but discovering Him and well, in turn discovering me.

Well, it’s going well so far. I mean, I’ve been managing my time better. Not much better but better. My schedule still needs some tweaking, My days are pretty much consumed with class and homework (or at least thinking about homework…that’s not good. Work in progress). I’ve been trying to spend more time with Dylan like learning stuff together and I am honestly frustrated but that’s just something to pray about ya know? The days that I have to work I am trying to do things before or after so I can at least get something done. That’s proven a little hard before as my mind is consumed with thoughts of the day to come. I feel like if I go overboard on anything I will be late for work and I don’t want that but I guess that’s just where time management comes in 🙂

So reading. I’ve been doing pretty well with my Bible reading. I mean I’m starting from the begininng so it’s actually interesting filling in the gaps from the Bible stories most of us have heard as kids but I really wanted like a devotional thing, like a book, as a guide. So at work one day, I went on my quest to find a devotional but I found something entirely different a book called, The Me I Want to Be: becoming God’s best version of you. A little before my break while I was on the register I was thumbing through it and really liked what I was reading. It’s funny because I was looking for a whole other book but then I sat directly in front of this one that is right on topic for me. The gist of it is that when we are the Spirit filled people we were made to be then we act and live the way we are supposed to with joy and hope and love and peace. It’s GREAT!!!! My friend is reading the book too . BOOK CLUB WOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!

I guess that’s really just it for now. I’m really enjoying this journey with Jesus and loving every moment of it.

*My laptop broke so I will be blogging less frequently. I guess that’s something else to pray about huh? LoL

Adieu 🙂


The trouble of time…

Here’s a wonderful issue to address, one that we all have trouble with…well, for the most part: TIME MANAGEMENT.

Ever thought that the way that you spend your time can either glorify or….(what’s the opposite of glorify?) uhhhh not glorify God? I have a huge problem with time for a couple of reasons. First, I’m just really bad with it. I’m a bit of a waster. I mean, I like to do stuff that does not necessarily utilize my time wisely. I’m a little imprudent at times, what can I say? Can’t be but honest when I am trying to improve right? Secondly, my schedule, especially right now, is really weird. For instance Classes are on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday at 10:40am and 6:00pm. That gap in the middle seems like a great time to get stuff done right? To be honest not really, all of that time is a little distracting because it seems to present this window of opportunity that really does not exist. As you live within these 4 hours and 5o minutes (the time between the end of my first class, 1:10pm to the beginning of the next), you realize that this is just not that much time. Along with these three days a week encumbered with academia, I have to work. I’ve been trying to get hours for Monday, Friday and Saturday, which is what I have this week thank God, and that takes up another large chunk of my week. Ok here’s a BIG time waster: YOUTUBE!!!! I LoVe YOUTUBE!!! Hair videos, music, so much information that I do not have to read! Just press play. That is such a sad statement for an English Journalism major. My future livelihood is dependent on people reading! How am I supposed to expect others to do it when I won’t? (disclaimer: I love to read!!! I work at a book store, books are a passion but YouTube happened when I went natural. Easy hair info and no real research beyond who’s channel has the best info. Also I do not think I will really do journalism. It’s is more a means to an end but I do like it :-))

Let’s do some math here though. 24 hours a day times 7 days a week makes 168 hours a week. Mmmmk

Class is 15 Hours a week and work is roughly 15-28 hours a week that makes 30 to 43 hours of mandatory occupied time.

LEAVING 125-138 hours of FREE TIME!!!! Are you serious? That’s like a lot granted this does include the 56 hours of sleep I should be getting every week but sometimes that’s a sacrifice that has to be made…although, the Bible does talk about getting an adequate amount of sleep…..ok. I’ll factor that in another time.

So here’s the plan for this week of my 30 day expedition (by the way, this is a 30 day thing starting today), I need to work out a schedule and stick to it. Time with God (first thing in the morning), time with family, time for homework, time for friend’s if necessary (socializing is secondary…sorry). I’ll probably do that after work tonight, maybe during if I have any register time 🙂

Sooooooo here we go.

All to the glory of God, let’s prioritize.

Finding You, finding me.

“Lord prepare me, to be a sanctuary, pure and holy, tried and true. With thanksgiving, I’ll be a living sanctuary for You.”

How dare I ask you to make me a sanctuary when I haven’t been consistent?

So there’s been this lingering question that has just been nagging me: Who am I? Kind of cliche right? Yea, I hate cliches but it’s really what I am trying to figure out these days. I feel that there is something about myself that I need to know and I’m not really sure what that is really…idk.
Well, here’s the plan, I just want to find myself in Christ. I guess I’ll call this the beginning of my self-discovery series. I want to know who I am supposed to be in every part of my life and how I should react in situations. I mean the obvious answer is “Oh, you’re a Christian. What would Jesus do?” Yea…what would Jesus do when interacting with His friends, family, son, how about when someone is lying to Him? I mean there’s just more to it than what would He do. I guess it’s more situational. Oh and relationships and conduct. Also a burning question of mine: how do you have a proper relationship with anyone?

So here’s what needs to happen: Facebook’s gotta go again. I’ve cut back on my usage but maybe it’d be better to just let it go. We’ll see what happens after these 30 days. Internet usage altogether needs to be cut down. Family time needs to increase. Interaction with real people is a must. Asking questions of people who have been in similar situations I have and in some that I would like to be in. Being sure to stay humble and really letting things slide when they need to. Gotta be mindful of the time I spend…

AND spending lots of time in the Word of God. The way to build and maintain a relationship is through communication and communication with God is prayer and meditation on His Word <– I LoVe HiS WoRd!!!

I’m looking to MATURE

M – Make time for God’s word Psalm 119:105

A – Ask God for forgiveness 1 John 1:9

T – Talk to God in prayer 1 Thes 5:17

U – Understand the role of the Holy Spirit Eph 5:18

R – Renew your mind Romans 12:2

E – Enjoy the journey with Jesus!!!

“All day long, I’ve been with Jesus. All day long, my lips have uttered praise. All day long, my heart, my soul’s been lifted in worship. All day long, I have been with Him.”

Guess it’s that time again. Time to lose control.