Advertising vs. Public Relations

Since PR is my current ambition, I felt that reading up on it and the changes that the industry is going through would be a good idea. Enter PR 2.0

Last semester I shared with a professor my desire to learn more about the Public Relations and its practice, she suggested this, among other books. Unfortunately, none of the other titles were as memorable as this one (I guess those authors did not practice what they preached. Ha!). I’ve gotten past the first few pages and something stuck out to me. She defined advertising and PR in a contrasting statement saying that advertising is when your company talks about itself and PR is when another person talks about (extols) your company.

That’s all. I just wanted to reflect on that tidbit of information and make it a part of my PR mindset especially in campaign making.



Distracted :-(

Ok well here’s the deal. I am very busy constantly yet I still find time for Facebook and YouTube, my two internet addictions. To be honest, I do not know how It happens sometimes.I’ll even be on FB even before I pray…..NOPE UNACCEPTABLE.


I’ve decided to cut back and change my social networking diet. Ha, this should be interesting but beneficial.

Since I need the internet for school stuff, I will have to come on but I do not have to be on FB or the Tube sooooooo I will limit my time on those sites to one day a week. I feel like that is good weening time to break a habit. Now the question is, what day will I go on? I guess it should be Saturday since that is generally the day when nothing is happening.

To be honest, I’m a little scared of doing this. I would rather “keep in touch” with people and know everything that is happening the easy way, going on FB and checking out a news feed. Way to have info spoon fed to me. But I have realized that as I do this, I do not interact with people the way that I should. Since I have access to “them” on the internet, we do not really need to communicate or see each other. I can check on people without hearing a word from them. Yea, I’m really social and that is totally stunting my socialism (wait…..that’s funny).

Again, beneficial. I’m definitely going to pray about it as I go. Maybe it can be a fast. Probably not because I would like to make it a lifestyle and a fast is only for a certain period. We’ll see.

Other news, I went to my friend’s bday party the day after mine and it was AWESOME!!!! I met some super cool people and I hope to stay in touch with them.

I guess that’s all for now.

Peace + LoVe ❤