Shopping list: Yellow Pea Coat

It’s that time of year when the leaves are changing, falling off of the trees and the wind is blowing a little more briskly. Autumn has fallen on us.

I need a pea coat.

But not just any pea coat, oh no! I want a yellow one. In honour of the beautiful fall colours, I feel that a yellow coat would compliment the season just right. Now to find one.

So far I have found a blue one that I really like and I don’t feel like I would be settling if I bought it.

So about the shoes that I ordered, they were HORRIBLE!!!! They did not look anything like the picture, the colour was off, they looked chalky and they were no where close to fitting my feet without killing me. I’ll definitely buy from DSW again but just not from their website. Going in store has always been better for me when it comes to shoe shopping. I mean, I am a size 11, I can’t expect much from a product that I have no experience with beyond seeing an image of it.

Hopefully, the coat turns out better.



So bouncing from one blog to the next, I came across A Black Girl’s Guide To Weight Loss!!! I’m in LuBb with this one! It’s so practical and just entertaining.

I love this site (more specifically this article)

I think it’s time!!

I had realized it until yesterday but I have cut my hair every year since I have been natural…Hmmmmm I wonder how that happened? Well, the other years, I don’t think it was so necessary but this year, my ends feel disgusting so they have to go bye bye. I’m only thinking an inch off and then I’ll try a weave or something…I don’t want kinky twists, they pulled out a lot of hair from the back of my head so I have a  funny-fro but it doesn’t seem like anyone notices. I might get them for my aunt’s wedding and just make sure she does then big. Like BIG!!!!

Anywaiz, I think I’ve lost 2 lbs. *insert applause here* I wish it was more but weight loss is a gradual process. I shouldn’t even be reporting this until like tomorrow (one week since my last weigh-in), but I guess a day doesn’t really count for much.

Still, onward!!!



What to watch…

I’m in the mood for a good movie. I mean, not one where there are over sexualized people and hard partying. I just want to watch something sweet and heartfelt. I know there are strange little innuendos in this movie but they aren’t overt, which does actually make a difference.

I say tonight after all is said and done, I will sit down with a good old movie and do some homework.

Walk a mile in my…

These are next weeks boots!!! After I get these, I’m so done boot shopping for a while. I just need a pair to wear casually but these are over the knee……does that count as casual? Hmmmmmmm?

Point is, I want them.

No use wasting a waist

So here we go again!!!! Another reason to go on a frantic weight loss mission. 2 Weddings within 4 months of one another. How exciting!!! No really, I’m super pumped that my aunt and cousin are getting married. I love weddings, they’re exciting but the catch is, being a bridesmaid in both weddings, I have to look great for the pictures, not so much for the bride and groom (although, I would only like to complement their wedding photos that will live on forever) but for myself. Not just for the wedding, but for life. I want to make this a lifestyle change not a temporary thing. I’m PUMPED!!!!

So here’s one idea: becoming a fruititarian!!! Well, I don’t really like vegetables to this works better for me. Exercising daily and eating breakfast…usually, when I eat breakfast I can go forever without eating again but after breakfast, fruit for the rest of the day. Apples, grapes, bananas <–very filling, strawberries and other things…I guess.

That’s only one option, I haven’t thought to much about others because this sounds like something that I’d want to do but we’ll see what happens.

Ummmm weekly weigh ins will help. I guess I’ll blog about it all. So here we go!

Today, I did NOTHING because I was sick. But tomorrow, power walking FUN FUN!!!

I’m 204lbs right now, my goal is 150. I’m 5’7″ so my weight is pretty well distributed and I would so be able to live with it but I just don’t like the number.

Anywaiz, here I GO!!!!!


In love: These Shoes!!!


Being a size 11 shoe, it is hard to come across amazing boots that look good and can be worn to dress or casually, say to class and not look like I’m trying too hard or something.

Well today at, I think I hit the jackpot! I’ve never been a fan of booties but these cognac coloured beauties have my name written all over them and at a sale price of $40, I would be a fool not to indulge. This will be my pay-day me purchase. I cannot wait!!!

til next time


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