Can’t Keep Doing This!!!!!

Sooooooo hey there!!!!

Once again, I’ve been on a hiatus from the blog that I really do not deserve. Why don’t you deserve it Olivia??? Well, I don’t blog consistently enough to say that I am tired of it. I’m not. I don’t do it enough to be warn out 🙂 HA!!!!!

Anywaiz, here I am blogging. I’m going to make it kind of quick becuase I have somewhere to be pretty soon.

First off the gym, my body looks like it’s deflated….that’s good by the way but I’m only lost like 2.2lbs. (195.8 – 193.6). People always say not to worry about the numbers but I don’t like those numbers. I mean, I do look drastically different in my clothes (and I wish I had a picture to show you) but the numbers are discouraging.

Ok, secondly, facebook had to go! AGAIN! I was getting tried of it. I feel like I’m not doing anything productive, that people just whine and complain and that I don’t feel like seeing that. I pretty much slowed down on writing statuses because my statuses were always so happy and would stick out like a sore thumb. HA. So for now, adios to the FB.

Third, SATURDAY WAS MY BIRTHDAY AND I AM NOW 21!!!!!!! I have a whole separate post about that…it was a weird day and I think I had epiphanies left and right but only one really counted.

Either way, this is the life update.