Another….uh buy.

Whether or not it is a good buy, I do not know yet but we will see.

I really have the worst luck when it comes to online purchasing. A pair of shoes and 2 dresses later, I find myself making another order to ModCloth.


Aren’t they just darling??? I’ve always wanted a pair of sneaker or Timberland type heels and well, these look like Chucks. WHO DOESN’T LOVE CHUCKS?!?!?!

I’m going to wear these to the Natural Hair Event next week. Maybe with a blazer, a pair of jeans…or coloured pants [I’m thinking marigold] and a t-shirt. I’m kind of pumped about this outfit!!!!!! Oh and these shoes. Seriously, I will cry if there is anything wrong with them. They were the last pair in 11….yea 11 not 11w, I’m kind of pushing it.



One last thing!!!


I really love the images that Google uses. It inspires me!!!! It makes me want to be better.

All right, on to the actual topic.

LAST ORDERS FOR A WHILE!!!!!! I was dying to get some more

OMG I LOVE THIS STUFF!!!! I had the 2oz. sample size before and honestly, I fell in love with it so I bought the full sized one to enjoy. I’m very excited about that. I also ordered

Why??? To be honest, I don’t know. I saw it, it looked interesting and I watched a review and all I heard was moisture, moisture, moisture. I’m down with that!!!

These will be my last purchases for a while and I think I can live with that 🙂

I can’t wait til I get them! Oh and I ordered them from BGLH!!!! Love the blog, love the shop!!!

Look what I just ordered!!!

So on ModCloth, I found and fell in love with this dress. It’s a pretty simple design that should fall a little above my knee and I am very excited about it. I think I see it with a black (or brown???) belt and a marigold cardigan…yea!!! I’m really excited because of the neutrality of this piece. While it has the ornate stripe design, it can easily be paired with items of just about any shade. SHWEET!!!!! Oh and the pockets. It has pockets! I love pockets! They are an absolute plus with this buy.


I think I’m really into strips right now…


Ya know, while I am currently on Facebook because I have to maintain a constant view of a project I working on, does not mean that I have to interact with the Facebookians!!!! I’ve found that I am much better off I do not do that….I don’t know why but something awkward always ends up happening. LoL anywaiz, here’s a video.

Stuff Journalists Like

In a random Google search, I came across Stuff Journalists Like. Being a journalism major, I had to stop and read it…..ok I only glanced at it. Ironically, like many American’s my attention span is very selective. LoL but in my passing view, I was this post saying that journalists like reporter’s notebooks. I LOVE THOSE!!!!! Seriously, I feel like they are quite possibly one of the best inventions ever. It fits in a tight pockets, bags, small purses, it really travels well. It’s quite convenient and the size of it makes you feel that note-taking is not as tedious as it really is.


Mmmmmm bags!!!!

There are few things I love more than a really cute handbag. They add something to an outfit, provide a place for your stuff and just make you feel good. Mmmmmmm bags!!!! I love bags. Well, in me search for a dress tonight, I came across two absolutely adorable bags!!!!


When I was in high school, or even before that, my mom’s best friend gave her a bag. It was green. I’d never seen anything like it before and I was instantly enamored with this fresh dewey bag. I was so happy to walk around with it as it were mine. As if it were my fashion forward purchase. But alas, as it so happens with friends, my mom gave the bag back to her friend when she wanted to wear it and I never saw it again. But tonight, I found this!!! There is no question about it, I am going to buy this. I mean, it’s only like $58….that’s not too bad for such a cute bag…oh and roomy too! I carry a lot of stuff so I need that option.


Oh and this piece of art!!!! It’s simple, it’s stylish, it’s RED!!!!! More than anything else, I really enjoy the color of this cutie. Again, a must buy…not as much as the other but I really think it’s adorable. Big enough to carry my life, but not so big that I look like I’m trying to sneak things out of stores. LoL these are things you have to consider. $78 for this one.


Can’t wait to have these bags in my possession.



As I’ve said in a previous post, finding shoes has been no walk in the park but last night it hit me (by God’s grace!!!)

I can buy shoes at plus sized stores and websites!!!

Generally, the shoes that they sell come in wide sizes and well, I have size 11w feet. So I’m excited because I’m am going to order the shoes pictured above in brown….maybe in black too. We’ll see after I get the brown ones though. I’ve suffered a lot of disappointment getting my hopes up over shoes….I could cry. LoL

Adieu’ or should I say A-Shoe!!!! Hahaha…not funny. LoL

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