Ya know, while I am currently on Facebook because I have to maintain a constant view of a project I working on, does not mean that I have to interact with the Facebookians!!!! I’ve found that I am much better off I do not do that….I don’t know why but something awkward always ends up happening. LoL anywaiz, here’s a video.



Once again, my first class for the day was cancelled. I have 2 problems with that. First, I actually came up to campus thinking there was class becasue my phone never alerted me of the e-mail and secondly, classes have been cancelled due to “inclement weather” quite frequently this semester.

That really gets to me because I am paying to come to school and I would really like to get my money’s worth. If the weather were really that bad, then I would be more than happy t stay in bed for another hour because I was the idiot talking on the phone really late. Really, I would be overjoyed to do that but despite my really bad move of staying on the phone, knowing I had to be up at 7, I made the trek all the way up here for class because I LOVE CLASS!!! Ok, no, I love to learn and I am paying to learn so I WANT TO LEARN.

Yes, there is ice on the ground, yes it is raining, but I would not call this inclement. I call this “make sure you get out of the house…or your dorm early so you can get to class on time” weather.




If you are in the Philly or surrounding areas (or even if you’re not) check this out!!!


I’m not exactly a naturalist but…

I happen to find a lot of things in the naturalist realm that I greatly identify with. I really like natural hair products and this soap free thing is just not that bad so when I see a natural concoction that will not only work but save me money, I am all for it. For instance on Curly Nikki, I found a recipe that resembles the E’Tae Carmel treatment in ingredients and benefits. I’m loving that! So When I take out my twists (I CAN’T WAIT!!!!!), I’ll try it and see how it works out.

Here’s the recipe:

Susonnah Gonzalez of Naturally Curly writes:
With all the right ingredients, you can make your very own hair mask at home! Enjoy the natural moisturizing effect of bananas with this banana smoothie hair mask.

Banana Smoothie Hair Mask: Quench dry or overworked hair with this fruity concoction that will leave your strands sparkling.

  • 1 mashed banana
  • 1 egg
  • 3 tablespoons honey
  • 3 tablespoons milk
  • 5 tablespoons olive oil

Combine all the ingredients in a bowl. Using a wide-toothed comb, apply the mask to your hair from the roots to the ends. Let the mask soak into your hair for about fifteen to thirty minutes. The more damaged your hair is, the longer you want to wait. Rinse out the mask with cold water, then shampoo and condition your hair as usual.


By the way, even though I love a good alternative, you will not find me making my own toothpaste or deodorant….ummmmmmmm there are some things I just won’t do and I have to draw the line somewhere.



The week of living soaplessly: Day 1

I’ve decided that I will go the next seven days performing my hygiene practices without soap and the following seven days with soap so that I can accurately compare my results and see which is really better.

Today was day 1 of my no soap…ummmmmm experiment. Coming out of the shower, my skin, including my face, felt clean as usual and I didn’t have to use as much lotion because my skin felt supple as it was. Even though I did not use soap, the deaodorant that I was previously wearing washed off without leaving any residue or that weird frictiony feeling that it tends to if it is not washed off properly. Still, none of that. With water and a rag, I’ve accomplished cleanliness. Still, this is only day one. I’m not going to write off Dove yet.

Speaking of Dove, Unilever the manufacturer of Dove products also produces White Beauty a product that claims to bleach skin in the event that people want to be lighter…*cough cough* whiter. Now, I wonder, should I be concerned enough about that to boycott the product. While they promote self love in this country, abroad they are sending the message that people can look better if they are lighter. Should I take this as a justice type issue or should should I leave it as a marketing (demographic) issue?

Are they perpetuating a desire to be what one is not in order to have a better life due to skin colour over merit or is it that they see as desire for such products and are doing their duty (and well, they’re jobs) as a company and producing what the populace wants?

Maybe I’m blinded by my brand-loyalty and would like to pretend that even though people should be happy with themselves and merited because of achievement, that it is ok to disguise this marketing scheme as “giving the people what they want.” Gotta think of your demographic first… yea.

Chaos Theory

Starring one of my favorite cuties Ryan Reynolds…as like a real grown up!!! I love facial hair and age… I guess we’ll consider that my true confession for a while LoL

In the movie the main character Frank Allen, played by my beloved, is a man who cannot live without his lists. If there is something that has to be done, it had better be on the list or it will be counted out of his agenda. For the sake of not spoiling the movie, this is where I’ll stop. Plus, that is all you need to know as background for this post that I am currently writing.

He states that whims will become your master if you let them and will eventually lead to chaos. While this is a bit extreme there is truth to it. A regimented life, one made of lists, schedules, itineraries, plans,etc. has direction. Without direction, there will be confusion and the directionless one will eventually end up on the side of the road seeking direction….ummmmm you get it.

The point that I am getting at is my life is devoid of lists and I think they would work very well. I like seeing tasks crossed off of my to-do list. It makes me feel accomplished and being the visual person that I am, it only makes sense (I’m also rather auditory…but that has nothing to do with this).

Peace (I guess there will be if there isn’t any chaos) 😛

True Confession: I’m afraid

I do NOT own this, but it's cute right? LoL

So confession is good for the soul right? How about the waist? Yea, I think it is. The fatser I get my weight loss fears out in the open, the quicker I will be able to overcome them and move on.

Confession: I’m afraid of failure. I’ve tried to lose weight many times but not publicly. I do not like to speak about it because I feel that I will fail. I mean, if I tell people that I’m going to do it then I don’t look any different when they see me, I’ll feel bad about myself.

Now that I have said that, maybe I’ll be able to make more moves freely to reach my goal.

Speaking of goals and changes that I want to make, I need to figure out what I am going to do with all of the clothes in my room. I mean there’s a lot. It’s a shame that there are days that I feel that I do not know what to wear. Like, really? There’s so much in my room. I have to work on that…it’s so serious. I feel like a part of growing up is being able to put things in order not to say that all adults are organized but I would like to be.


Convenient killer

A lot of the food that we consume on a daily basis is that of unknown origin. Beyond knowing what number it it on the menu or the “trusted neighborhood restaurant” that we get it from, we do not know how it is REALLY being cooked, what additives are present and what the nutritional content is (if we don’t really know what it’s made of and how it is cooked than this is only logical). When I took the time to think about this, it really bothered me. Even down to the use of bottled water.

We take this convenience thing to be such a priority that we do not slow down and consider the consequences. Personally, I will go out to class, buy a burger and fries $6.25 and then indulged. Doing this (or some variation of this) over the last 2 years has made me gain weight in leaps and bounds all for the sake of convenience. Am I not a woman? Shouldn’t I know how to take care of myself beyond handing someone money to make my food? Come on!!!!

Not only does this kill us as people but it also destroys the money we have. Why am I spending so much on one meal when I can buy a pack of chicken breast for a little more money and feed my entire family of 6? Yikes! What a thought. Oh and bottled water. Why am I spending money for water? Since the beginning of the semester, I’ve been boiling and bottling my water and it tastes really good. Sometimes unfortunately, I run out and have to boil more, let it cool and then drink it but it’s all about patience.

God made us to exercise patience and that is not what our society teaches us. We are supposed to have everything in a blink so that we can get up and go do the “important” things. But while we are running to do these things that we cannot wait for, we are slowly killing and incapacitating ourselves. We do not have basic survival skills. WHY CAN’T PEOPLE BOIL WATER AND WHY ARE SOME PROUD OF THAT FACT???? That’s just crazy.

I’ve said it over and over but I really just feel that this is the right way to go. Utilize the skills that we have and those that we can learn. God gave us a mind to work things out, I’m going to and I’m going to enjoy every moment of it.

This will certainly be a test of patience.

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