Another….uh buy.

Whether or not it is a good buy, I do not know yet but we will see.

I really have the worst luck when it comes to online purchasing. A pair of shoes and 2 dresses later, I find myself making another order to ModCloth.


Aren’t they just darling??? I’ve always wanted a pair of sneaker or Timberland type heels and well, these look like Chucks. WHO DOESN’T LOVE CHUCKS?!?!?!

I’m going to wear these to theĀ Natural Hair Event next week. Maybe with a blazer, a pair of jeans…or coloured pants [I’m thinking marigold] and a t-shirt. I’m kind of pumped about this outfit!!!!!! Oh and these shoes. Seriously, I will cry if there is anything wrong with them. They were the last pair in 11….yea 11 not 11w, I’m kind of pushing it.