No soap???

(Wow….that graphic is funky!!!!)

Speaking of funky, I was just jumping from blog to blog starting with New Naturalista, leading to this piece on Boing Boing and ending up here. Actually, I ended up here when I was searching for a soap pic. How serendipitous! The common thread among these blogs is that people have decided to live soap free and have loved it as the body is created to be self sustaining (in a way) regulating oils and such so that the body will maintain (homeostasis, I guess…can it be considered that?).

I’ve been without shampoo, only washing my hair with conditioner which yielded amazing results. My hair felt softer and fuller. Still, the idea of going without soap seemed so disgusting and repulsive, but why?!??! If I can keep my hair fresh and clean with all of it’s twists, tangles and contours, why not my skin? It looks like the people in my above examples have been very pleased with the results.

But do they use an alternative to soap or just use water?

Maybe I’ll try it.