Until I graduate from college

175 Days!!!!

http://tinyurl.com/bwt7mqy (As I write this it’s 175 days away anyway)

This is the day that I am waiting for. I just want to get out of college! It’s almost over and I am so happy. I will miss it for sure but I praise God for the time spent there, the lessons learned, the friends made and all of the experiences.

To God be the glory. Great things He has done!





The horse

I really need to get back on it. The horse, the weight loss/fitness horse that is. I mean, there is nothing wrong with the way I look and feel right now, to be honest but I know there is better available to me if I just…..reach for it…..I’m reaching for it!!!! So the question is,

What to do? What to do?

Meals – if I eat every 3 hours (something healthy like fruit, nuts and calorically/nutritionally conscious meals) I’ll be set. NOT large servings of whatever or the awesome burgers at school. Just good food at the right time of day. Yes, I did say every 3 hours. I’ve tried going longer and by the time I’d hit hour 4 my stomach was ready to fight me……No dice. Oh and can’t forget lots and lots of water. I feel that I have actually been doing pretty well at this since it has been mainly my drink of choice since I first started trying to get in shape for my bro’s wedding. Granted, today I had a Mountain Dew Code Red (not AT ALL what I remembered and I was sincerely disappointed!) and a Sprite (totally what I remembered! Totally redeemed it for all sodas). Got my water next to me right now! I think I need a new water bottle though…..hmmmmm???

Gym – OooOooOooooOooOh yea! I’ve totally become one of those American’s who has the gym membership that they do not use……that’s me!!!!! It’s totally not my fault though. School started and I got all busy and stuff and homework and…..excuses, I have them for days. I really need to organize my life in such a way that I can fit important things like my health in there 🙂 I don’t think I am unhealthy just not reaching my health potential like at all.

Blog??? I’m not quite sure that I can promise to pick it up on a consistent basis. I mean, I seriously juts struggled to log in because I forgot my username and password AND the e-mail this thing is connected to. Obviously, I remembered them. Well, all but the e-mail and I’m not sure how to check that on here. HA!

Anywaiz, I have a paper to immerse myself in. I promised myself 5 pages by the end of the night.

Good Night!!!!

Advertising vs. Public Relations

Since PR is my current ambition, I felt that reading up on it and the changes that the industry is going through would be a good idea. Enter PR 2.0

Last semester I shared with a professor my desire to learn more about the Public Relations and its practice, she suggested this, among other books. Unfortunately, none of the other titles were as memorable as this one (I guess those authors did not practice what they preached. Ha!). I’ve gotten past the first few pages and something stuck out to me. She defined advertising and PR in a contrasting statement saying that advertising is when your company talks about itself and PR is when another person talks about (extols) your company.

That’s all. I just wanted to reflect on that tidbit of information and make it a part of my PR mindset especially in campaign making.


I Do it Naturally: A Natural Hair Experience


Are you interested in going to a natural hair meet up, event and product swap in Philly?

Join PoyseD Events and Kosmeticos Salon for

“I Do it Naturally”

A Natural Hair Experience

There will be a lecture on transitioning and being natural in a professional world, protective styling and general styling and care

presented by

salon owner Gail Robertson,

YouTube’s own Christina “PhillyDiva19154” Zeigler and natural stylist Onika Hayes

A Meet and Greet

Product Swap – Bring your old, gently used, products to exchange

The Place? Kosmetikos Salon

6145 Ridge Avenue Philadelphia Pa 19128

Date and Time? March 10, 2011 at 7:00PM

The cost? $20 at the door gets you a seat among the naturals, a coupon for natural hair products from Kosmetikos Salon, and an experience you will never forget

For more information contact Dionne Poyser at poysedevents@gmail.com


Become a fan of PoyseD Events on Facebook

You Are Captivating (via Unending Love, Amazing Grace)

This was a great read!!! Praise God for this young woman’s writing.

You Are Captivating Here's a word all girls are familiar with: Acceptance. Every female struggles with it. Am I pretty enough? Do these people like me? What should I wear today? Will they make fun of me? Or worse: Who does she think she is? Why can't he just be normal? Why should I bother getting to know this person? Whether it's trouble with accepting ourselves or trouble with accepting others, we are all guilty. Today someone raised a question: Why do you want to … Read More

via Unending Love, Amazing Grace


I feel like I have nothing to do without Facebook!


There are so many other things to occupy my time with like homework, reading, doing a paper, research for another paper. Hmmmm, maybe I’m just lazy. LoL no, never that.

Does Facebook become addictive after  awhile? I find it interesting that stalking people serves as entertainment. What about real activities?

Anywaiz, I’m going to continue watching

and think about the paper I’ll be writing this week.

Oh and I made my lunch for today and it was REALLY GOOD!!!! I feel full and satisfied. Yummy baked chicken quesadilla thingy.



In love: These Shoes!!!


Being a size 11 shoe, it is hard to come across amazing boots that look good and can be worn to dress or casually, say to class and not look like I’m trying too hard or something.

Well today at DSW.com, I think I hit the jackpot! I’ve never been a fan of booties but these cognac coloured beauties have my name written all over them and at a sale price of $40, I would be a fool not to indulge. This will be my pay-day me purchase. I cannot wait!!!

til next time


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