Until I graduate from college

175 Days!!!!

http://tinyurl.com/bwt7mqy (As I write this it’s 175 days away anyway)

This is the day that I am waiting for. I just want to get out of college! It’s almost over and I am so happy. I will miss it for sure but I praise God for the time spent there, the lessons learned, the friends made and all of the experiences.

To God be the glory. Great things He has done!





The horse

I really need to get back on it. The horse, the weight loss/fitness horse that is. I mean, there is nothing wrong with the way I look and feel right now, to be honest but I know there is better available to me if I just…..reach for it…..I’m reaching for it!!!! So the question is,

What to do? What to do?

Meals – if I eat every 3 hours (something healthy like fruit, nuts and calorically/nutritionally conscious meals) I’ll be set. NOT large servings of whatever or the awesome burgers at school. Just good food at the right time of day. Yes, I did say every 3 hours. I’ve tried going longer and by the time I’d hit hour 4 my stomach was ready to fight me……No dice. Oh and can’t forget lots and lots of water. I feel that I have actually been doing pretty well at this since it has been mainly my drink of choice since I first started trying to get in shape for my bro’s wedding. Granted, today I had a Mountain Dew Code Red (not AT ALL what I remembered and I was sincerely disappointed!) and a Sprite (totally what I remembered! Totally redeemed it for all sodas). Got my water next to me right now! I think I need a new water bottle though…..hmmmmm???

Gym – OooOooOooooOooOh yea! I’ve totally become one of those American’s who has the gym membership that they do not use……that’s me!!!!! It’s totally not my fault though. School started and I got all busy and stuff and homework and…..excuses, I have them for days. I really need to organize my life in such a way that I can fit important things like my health in there 🙂 I don’t think I am unhealthy just not reaching my health potential like at all.

Blog??? I’m not quite sure that I can promise to pick it up on a consistent basis. I mean, I seriously juts struggled to log in because I forgot my username and password AND the e-mail this thing is connected to. Obviously, I remembered them. Well, all but the e-mail and I’m not sure how to check that on here. HA!

Anywaiz, I have a paper to immerse myself in. I promised myself 5 pages by the end of the night.

Good Night!!!!

In Need of Motivation!!!!

Just read an awesome article on BGG2WL and felt the need for some motivation. I’ve reach my goal of becoming a size 9. That’s awesome and I feel really accomplished doing so. The only problem? I don’t really like the way I look. Granted, I look noticeably smaller which is absolutely fantastic but eh. So I need some kind of motivation. Usually, spending money and clothing items get me going.


Here it is!!! My new inspiration. The Nike Free 3.0 v3!!!! She’s pretty huh???? I’m actually gonna get the red ones since the pink ones don’t come in my size. HAHAHA. Anywaiz, I hope this serves as adequate motivation to at least get me down to a 7……

Can’t Keep Doing This!!!!!

Sooooooo hey there!!!!

Once again, I’ve been on a hiatus from the blog that I really do not deserve. Why don’t you deserve it Olivia??? Well, I don’t blog consistently enough to say that I am tired of it. I’m not. I don’t do it enough to be warn out 🙂 HA!!!!!

Anywaiz, here I am blogging. I’m going to make it kind of quick becuase I have somewhere to be pretty soon.

First off the gym, my body looks like it’s deflated….that’s good by the way but I’m only lost like 2.2lbs. (195.8 – 193.6). People always say not to worry about the numbers but I don’t like those numbers. I mean, I do look drastically different in my clothes (and I wish I had a picture to show you) but the numbers are discouraging.

Ok, secondly, facebook had to go! AGAIN! I was getting tried of it. I feel like I’m not doing anything productive, that people just whine and complain and that I don’t feel like seeing that. I pretty much slowed down on writing statuses because my statuses were always so happy and would stick out like a sore thumb. HA. So for now, adios to the FB.

Third, SATURDAY WAS MY BIRTHDAY AND I AM NOW 21!!!!!!! I have a whole separate post about that…it was a weird day and I think I had epiphanies left and right but only one really counted.

Either way, this is the life update.


Back at it!!!!

So it’s been forever since I’ve posted anything on here but I feel that now is an appropriate time?


I started working out again. You’re prbably saying, “Blah, blah, blah Livi! You did that last year. What’s new?”

Well, here’s what’s new….I joined a gym!!!!! —>insert applause here<— LoL ok well the fact that I joined the gym isn’t really cause to celebrate, the fact that I am motivate to go is. Last year, I was ready to go hard and work out at home run/walk/jogging, which was great until the sun decided to exact it’s revenge on the earth. Can you say summer time? Yea, it was a little too hot to be out there exercising when I’m prone to fainting…and ya know, heat stroke and all that.

I joined Planet Fitness for a couple of reasons

1. It’s close to my job so I can go after I get off

2. It’s 24 hours on weekdays so I can go whenever I feel like it

3. It’s just cute!!! Their mission statement of having a “no judgement zone” is just adorable and just the suggestion of being able to workout without feel that people are staring is good enough for me (and obviously all the other people who were there) to go there.

I do indeed dig Planet Fitness….did I mention free t-shirt??? I love T-shirts!!!!

Since this is only day one, all I can do is make promises to stick with an exercise routine…so here’s the promise. Ready?

I, Olivia, promise to go to the gym at lease 4 days a week and go hard for like…..40 minutes??? (I’ll work that out later). I promise not to feel like I’m going crazy when my weight does not seem to be dropping as fast as I think it should or when I hit a plateau and I need to shake it up a bit. I promise to dedicate time, effort and attention to living a healthy lifestyle even beyond the gym consuming a lot of water, less sugar, cooking more (I love when I cook) and consuming less fast food….although, I haven’t been doing that for a while now. I promise to figure out some kind of salad thing that I like so I have more meal/meat alternatives….good veggies are so hard to some by. I promise that when it is time to hit the beach, I will feel awesome in my beach-wear, even if I have yet to reach my goal size (size 9….for now. I’m at 11 so, eh, we’ll see when we get there). I want to be happy to be healthy!!!

A promise written by me to me.

GO ME!!!!!

LoL here we go.


Height – 5’7″

Weight – 195.8 (so says my scale)

Another….uh buy.

Whether or not it is a good buy, I do not know yet but we will see.

I really have the worst luck when it comes to online purchasing. A pair of shoes and 2 dresses later, I find myself making another order to ModCloth.


Aren’t they just darling??? I’ve always wanted a pair of sneaker or Timberland type heels and well, these look like Chucks. WHO DOESN’T LOVE CHUCKS?!?!?!

I’m going to wear these to the Natural Hair Event next week. Maybe with a blazer, a pair of jeans…or coloured pants [I’m thinking marigold] and a t-shirt. I’m kind of pumped about this outfit!!!!!! Oh and these shoes. Seriously, I will cry if there is anything wrong with them. They were the last pair in 11….yea 11 not 11w, I’m kind of pushing it.



People trust people…….

Well, no they don’t but they DO trust people about products more than companies trying to market said products. Really, who would you rather believe a person who holds no stake in a company and is not being paid to give their “opinion” about something (PR) or a company who wants you to believe that their products can and will change your life if you only give it a chance for $19.99 (advertising)?

It’s all about credibility. I am not saying that companies are not credible but they do work for their benefit and not solely the improvement of their customers’ lives and well-being.

(Please notice that I said solely – I feel that somewhere in the heart of corporation beats a desire to help humanity making things better for our fellow man. Then again, I am quite the realist and sometimes, I lapse into unwarranted optimism. Haha)

I’m really trying to solidify these things in my mind. I feel like it can give me some kind of direction in my learning process.

-> Internalize <-

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