I think I’m going to adopt

…a new style that is. Although, when I get married I would like to adopt a child, still that is a subject for later on.

I figure that if I use perm rods, I will really only have to worry about my hair once…or twice a week. Maybe this is turning into a post about a regimen….ok. Let’s do that.

My Potential Regimen

Sunday – bun for church…(again this is only a potential reg.)

Night time-Rod set

Monday – Unrodded awesomeness

Tuesday – Day old unrodded awesomeness

Wednesday – Two day old unrodded awesomness

Thursday – Three day old unrobbed awesomeness

Friday – I think you get the point

Saturday – unrodded awesomeness puff? and wash (I doubt I’ll need a real wash every weekend. Maybe just a rinse or co-wash AGAIN only a potential reg.)


Now I’m sure during my unrodded awesomeness in the week I will be utilizing bobby pins and making my hair into an actual style…or not. Whatever the day brings ya know?

Anywaiz, the real point is that I think I’m gonna use perm rods in my hair. It’s been a while since I’ve done that and I think at the length my hair is now it would look really nice.

Here’s hoping anyhow…




So I made an order to BGLH Marketplace on Feb 14 (my V-Day present to myself. LoL) and it came in the mail ALREADY!!!!!! I am so excited about it. Not just the products themselves but the time it took to get here. Among the 2 products I ordered, I got Oyin Shine and Define (I seriously can go on and on about this product forever). When I first ordered the sample from Oyin, it took like 3 weeks to get to me. They make their products with lots of love and care so I can totally understand why it took so long BUT I guess, just as any other beauty supply store would BGLH had them there ready to ship on demand. SOOOO THIS IS A WIN-WIN!!! I can still support one of my favorite companies, Oyin and get the product I want very quickly. Awesome.

Oh and I also got Darcy Botanicles Madagascar Vanilla Styling Creme. I’ve never tried it before but after reading (and watching videos) about it, it seemed like something I wanted to try. Plus it was only $12 and I didn’t want to just order the S&D.

All right, now back to our regularly scheduled programming: HOMEWORK!!!


OMG I am sooooo excited! I have not seen my hair in over a month and soon soon SOON!!!! I am going to take my twists down, deep condition and play with my hair until my cousin’s wedding when I will get a straight style but until then, I will be more than happy to see my hair and do stuff with it. I’ve missed it and I’ve been trying so hard not to take these twists down.

I’ve taken 2 out in the back just to see how it’s been growing and where/if I have any damage on my ends and really, I just need a slight trim and I am good to go.

Can you tell I can’t wait to take my hair down? I feel like I’m rambling about my hair….I am. I’m excited. EXACTLY 2 WEEKS until March first!!!! AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!

After the wedding, literally the week after, I’m going to get my twists back in until the end of the semester and then summer time, the fro comes back 🙂

Adios! I have stuff to do!!!!

One last thing!!!


I really love the images that Google uses. It inspires me!!!! It makes me want to be better.

All right, on to the actual topic.

LAST ORDERS FOR A WHILE!!!!!! I was dying to get some more

OMG I LOVE THIS STUFF!!!! I had the 2oz. sample size before and honestly, I fell in love with it so I bought the full sized one to enjoy. I’m very excited about that. I also ordered

Why??? To be honest, I don’t know. I saw it, it looked interesting and I watched a review and all I heard was moisture, moisture, moisture. I’m down with that!!!

These will be my last purchases for a while and I think I can live with that 🙂

I can’t wait til I get them! Oh and I ordered them from BGLH!!!! Love the blog, love the shop!!!

Just for future reference

If I decided to straighten my hair any time soon, I want to have this article on hand. I really hate when my hair is straight but I mean, some people want to see it so I’ll oblige, only for a little while anyway.


The week of living soaplessly: Days 3…and hair talk

Ummmm yesterday was day 3 soap free and I did not update so here I go. When my skin was wet it felt HORRIBLE!!!! Like greasy and weird and I was ready to quit this and grab some soap and scrub-a-dub but no, I continued to see how it would work out. A very funny thing happened, after I got dry, my skin felt amazingly soft. I’m not really sure what happened but I guess it worked out in my favor.

Now, hair. So my cousin took down her kinky twists and straightened her hair. The growth she has since she cut her hair like…last year(?) is beautiful. I wish I had a picture to show but noperz. Another time. Seeing her hair, just adds to my desire to take my twists out!!!!! I don’t want to straighten my hair, just see it, feel it and play with it. I miss my hair and I’m like blog-stalking people like College Curlies and Curly Nikki. I LOVE THEIR HAIR. I’m about a few months to a year away from their length but it’s still fun to look and imagine. LoL

Anywaiz, maybe I’ll take them out on Thursday….I don’t know yet.

I’m not exactly a naturalist but…

I happen to find a lot of things in the naturalist realm that I greatly identify with. I really like natural hair products and this soap free thing is just not that bad so when I see a natural concoction that will not only work but save me money, I am all for it. For instance on Curly Nikki, I found a recipe that resembles the E’Tae Carmel treatment in ingredients and benefits. I’m loving that! So When I take out my twists (I CAN’T WAIT!!!!!), I’ll try it and see how it works out.

Here’s the recipe:

Susonnah Gonzalez of Naturally Curly writes:
With all the right ingredients, you can make your very own hair mask at home! Enjoy the natural moisturizing effect of bananas with this banana smoothie hair mask.

Banana Smoothie Hair Mask: Quench dry or overworked hair with this fruity concoction that will leave your strands sparkling.

  • 1 mashed banana
  • 1 egg
  • 3 tablespoons honey
  • 3 tablespoons milk
  • 5 tablespoons olive oil

Combine all the ingredients in a bowl. Using a wide-toothed comb, apply the mask to your hair from the roots to the ends. Let the mask soak into your hair for about fifteen to thirty minutes. The more damaged your hair is, the longer you want to wait. Rinse out the mask with cold water, then shampoo and condition your hair as usual.


By the way, even though I love a good alternative, you will not find me making my own toothpaste or deodorant….ummmmmmmm there are some things I just won’t do and I have to draw the line somewhere.



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