I fell in love yesterday

The more I think about it, I realize it’s true. I think I’ve fallen and I’ve fallen for you.

Yesterday I took the hike over the Ben Franklin Bridge into New Jersey to see a school. All I really wanted to do was go there and get a feel for the place so that I could put some emotion and honesty into my article…I did not expect to fall in love.

Crazy thing is, while I was there I met someone. He was amazing and compassionate. The care he showed for everyone was outstanding and the way that he left me feeling was unbelievable. The count of his voice was soothing. His height? It varied. Complexion? Ever-changing.

I fell in love with Jesus.

As I walked through the halls of the Urban Promise Schools, I encountered love embodied. The teachers and administration wanted the best for the students and constantly referred to them as their children. I was told that the children would go home after hearing about and meeting Christ and tell their parents about Him. The kids were encouraged constantly to do and be better while the teachers not only chastised (in the most loving parental way) them for their wrong in order for them to see their error and be right but they also praised the good that came from them.

After that experience, I feel that I might be drawn into a service career. While I wanted to serve as a lawyer…and can still do that, I might want to become a teacher too and introduce students who otherwise wouldn’t know it to the love of Christ.