It’s that time again :-)

Once again, the semester has begun. It actually begins tomorrow but I’m trying to get into the mindset. For this semester, I am prepared to do better than I ever have before. I’m excited. So far I’ve taken my Facebook down again, cleaned and organized my room and now I’m going to find a nice desk to fit the corner of my room. My class schedule, the way I made it anyway, is really great. I’ll be done by early after so I can take Mini-Me to the library so he can play while I do homework. I love that and I know he will too. Did I mention that I don’t have classes on Tuesday or Thursday? I’m going to try and get scheduled for work those days.

The idea of starting school again is always intimidating. Sometimes, I feel that I can never do better than I have previously done but that’s not true. This semester will not look like any from before. It’s going to be amazing…and a little lonely. While I never spent that much time with friends except for the occasional lunch date, I might have to even cut that out to get things done. We’ll see how that works out.

I’m so excited!


Above and beyond

Being good enough is just not good enough is it?

The other day in my COM class, my professor said, about our class blog, that we can post more than we need to and it would be in our favour to do so. He also stated that being able to do what is required is not enough but that in order to make an impression on people, you’d have to go above and beyond the standards.

I WANT TO GO ABOVE AND BEYOND….but I feel like I can’t. Once again, I need to re-organize my life, make a schedule and stick to it. I know that if I do not, I will waste time and therefore not have any time to go beyond the parameters of a “good job.”


I’ve always been above average especially in standardized tests but right now in college, when it really matters, I feel like I am barely making it. I have no social life, I go directly to and from class, work, home everyday. Why am I not doing well? What is the root of this problem?

Well, I have a blog due tomorrow morning. After I figure out what the topic is in class, I will be sure to post going above and beyond.

How do I expect to get into law school? I mean really. If there are others out there who are doing what I am and even more competing for the same position as me, how I do expect to get it when another person is just more qualified? Like this whole grad school thing wasn’t hard (and stressful….oh thinking about it has been very stressful!!!) enough.

I think I need to pray.


So it begins…

Here’s the goal: DEAN’S LIST!!!!! The End!
Seriously though, I feel like I need to be away form everyone to achieve that goal. I am easily distracted in a group of my own friends…or in a room where there is only one conversation going on. I was sitting in a lounge and all I could think about was the conversation some people were having but then I walked to another spot where there are a lot of people most of the time and I was absolutely fine reading with the buzz of a million voices. No one set of words to focus on….
Still, I feel that God is telling me otherwise. The other night I was stranded at school and the next day, stranded again. I’m a firm believer in everything happening for a reason. I mean really, 2 times in a row stranded at school? What am I supposed to do with that? I guess I just need to figure out the right way to go about achieving my goal than to become a recluse as I’d previously planned. Anywaiz, I g2g do something constructive.
Adieu to you.