Building a wardrobe for Mini Me

So this is my favorite person in the world, my son. He’s the best but he is quite the fast growing monster. I mean really, one day an outfit fits perfectly, the next there is no hope for it AT ALL!!!! Oh the joys of motherhood. So my mission is to maintain an awesome wardrobe for my little guy. I mean why should I look nice while my miniature looks shabby.

I feel like it’s been hard to keep up with his ever-gorwing frame between the size changes and just my being busy. Oy. Another thing is to keep track of his clothes even after I buy them. When I shop, I’m always sure to get him the most charming little combinations of clothing but then he takes them off all over the house and we lose pieces. There has to be some way to keep track of his little attire.

Today I did indulge in one of my favorite little person combinations: a button up shirt and a vest (sooooooooo cute!!!!!)

I think I’m just going to shop for him the way (and time) I shop for myself, little by little. As much as I love to spree, it’s not necessary or prudent especially when I’m shopping for two.


Taking the first step here and now.