Another small victory

197.8!!!!!!! That’s my weight!!!!! OMG it’s going DOWN!!!!!!!!! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!! That’s all I have to say. Back to class



Piece ‘o cake!!!!

So doing my usual girlie thing (which has become strangely regular for me), I came across the most awesome cake on

Isn’t it pretty? It’s the names of the guests. As much as I love the people that will be attending my wedding, I would not do that. Maybe my “to have and to hold” and I could write our vows and have them inscribed on the cake….Or 1 Corinthians 13:4-8 (the LoVe Verses), maybe something from Song of Solomon. I don’t know. I’ve seen many cakes before but this is by far my favorite and I really hope that by the time I do get married, that I can get it.

Dear Heart

I really feel that my heart has gotten me into some pretty rough situations. I was sitting here thinking about my life as this song came on. I (heart) Sanctus Real.


Oh and I really love the little stick figure guy. That’s so me!!!

Be blessed and follow Christ, not your heart.

My Nails

To the point. This is the first time I have painted my own nails in….maybe years. Who knew? I generally get them all prettied up at the nail salon but I mean, hey. Let’s see

That looks ok right???? Yea, from far away, it look pretty good but closer…

Huh, funny, it does not look that bad with this camera…liar. Well, the fact is, it does not look that good but I guess practice makes perfect. I used

Nicole by OPI polish in One Voice. I really liked the shade of yellow. I feel like yellow is going to be this season’s colour for me. Mmmmmmm lemony 🙂 It was like $7 something at Target. That’s kind of a splurge for me on nail polish so I’m going to be sure to get my full usage out of this bottle.

Practice makes perfect


Building a wardrobe for Mini Me

So this is my favorite person in the world, my son. He’s the best but he is quite the fast growing monster. I mean really, one day an outfit fits perfectly, the next there is no hope for it AT ALL!!!! Oh the joys of motherhood. So my mission is to maintain an awesome wardrobe for my little guy. I mean why should I look nice while my miniature looks shabby.

I feel like it’s been hard to keep up with his ever-gorwing frame between the size changes and just my being busy. Oy. Another thing is to keep track of his clothes even after I buy them. When I shop, I’m always sure to get him the most charming little combinations of clothing but then he takes them off all over the house and we lose pieces. There has to be some way to keep track of his little attire.

Today I did indulge in one of my favorite little person combinations: a button up shirt and a vest (sooooooooo cute!!!!!)

I think I’m just going to shop for him the way (and time) I shop for myself, little by little. As much as I love to spree, it’s not necessary or prudent especially when I’m shopping for two.


Taking the first step here and now.

The Good Stuff: to buy or not to buy

I LOVE THIS STUFF!!!! Seriously, when I bought the Oyin Handmade sample pack, I could have lived without the other products that were there. Maybe I didn’t know how to use them right or something but they just were not for me. But THIS!!!! The Shine and Define serum, it is amazing! I used it for a braid out, it was perfectly defined and moisturized, I fell in love. I can imagine that is the point if the sample pack: to have you fall in love with at least one of the products so that you will come back for more. Ohhhhhh and I wanted more but I didn’t want a dinky little 2oz package. Oh no. Not the 4oz one. Nope. Just not enough.

I wanted the 8oz jar of it….do you know what that costs???? $18… shipping. Really? I love Oyin and their funkiness. Seriously, not just the company but the people who own it. From what I’ve seen from their website, blog and YouTube channel, they are definitely some creative, eccentric, lovable people that I would LOVE TO SUPPORT. But do I really want to spend $18 on a product?

Really, my limit for any one product has be like $12 (that was when E’Tae’s Carmel Treatment came on the market and that stuff makes your hair SOOOOOOOFT!!!! Ummmmm, it’s now like $20 though so I’ve had to make my own when necessary).

The problem with this is that I have not had as good of a braid-out before or after the Shine and Define. *sigh*

What am I to do? Right now since all I have to worry about with the kinky-twists is cleanliness and moisture, I’m taking time to re-evaluate my inventory and see what I can do without and what I may or may not splurge on. There aren’t many products that I use. I mean, I wash, condition, deep condition, and style. For the most part I use Echo Styler gel or some kind of oil. Not much to that. Let’s list prices shall we?

Shampoo: Between $5-$8 (sulfate-freeeeeeeeeeeeeee)

Conditioner: Suave Almond and Shea Butter (OMG AMAZING!!!) $3 <– for the BIG bottle at Wal-Mart

Gel: Echo Style $4 (slick edges for puffs and buns)

Oil: EVOO $5-$8 or Wild Growth (hate the smell, love the oil) $8

All together I pay Between $17-$25 on Products that last pretty long actually. It takes me a while finish it all because I use everything pretty sparingly, save the conditioner…..can’t use too much conditioner!!!!

I really don’t spend too much on products so I guess one splurge would not hurt. In January when I take these twists out and enjoy a good deep conditioning session.

I guess my decision has been made huh?

OYIN HERE I COME….in January….maybe late December.

Don’t raise your prices guys 🙂

Just love it I guess

So we sell this shirt at my job (Borders) and I am dying to buy it. Not just because it is an immensely cute shirt because, well, it is. Not because I want to buy a blazer just to wear with it, a pair of boots and some dark wash jeans. Oh no.

I really love the story.

Unrequited love, eventually requited, dead guy floating in a pool… romantic 😉

But seriously, it is very dry in the beginning but when the story does finally pick up, I loved it.

Great Read.

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