Brand: Me

Personal branding: what makes me unique and memorable to those that meet me, potential employers, friends, professors, graduate school representatives. Who am I?

I’ve never really had to think to hard about that question, because it never really came up. But as I venture into the depth of life and potential opportunities, it becomes clear that I need to have a personal brand and well sell myself.

But the real question is, how do I build a personal brand? Is it the way that I look? How about the way I communicate? My education? Maybe the work I present for scrutiny (i.e. my writing)?

Is this what it is to be branded? Are these things that I do and barely think about being engraved in my permanent record of life?

This just means I have to be very intentional about things now from the way I dress to every piece that I write for whatever publication. EVEN the way I use social networking sites. I mean, if you google me, the first thing to pop up is my Facebook page…awkward. Not that I put anything out of line on there but hey, it’s still funny.

This has really only become a concern as I think about graduating college and being considered for schools and jobs. I mean, I’m supposed to put my best foot forward but what does that look like? If these people who are examining me look into my background, what will they find? Just some things to think about I guess.


So, here I go. Let the branding begin.



So far, so great :-)

Well, I am excited!!! To be honest, I am kind of pumped to be taking summer classes. I just like the idea of learning. It makes me feel good. Another thing that I have been loving recently is that I am now a junior in college. WHAT??? ARE YOU SERIOUS??? A JUNIOR??? DIDN’T I JUST GET HERE???

I guess not 🙂 I’m pumped. So I’ve been tweaking my life plan again. I tend to do that every now and then. The first was to become a CNA and then a nurse before law school. The second, to become a teacher through the Teach for America program before law school. I came up with both of these plans talking to lawyers. One was an assistant DA in Media. During law school she was a nurse and a mother. She really seemed to love her experience so I thought that I would try it. The second was my Spanish professor. She said that she wished she’d taken time before becoming a lawyer as it was rigorous work that she was not ready for due to family situations but she felt that teaching prepares you for the responsibility as others are truly depending on you. It teaches responsibility.

Now this third plan just kind of came to me in a dream, a daydream anyway, while I was sitting at DCCC flipping through a course catalog: why not taking classes there after I graduate to become a paralegal? I mean, it’s like 10 more classes and it’s pretty good money. I would be able to do that while taking night classes at a law school…I’m now thinking Temple. As of now, this is the plan. I really need to pray about it.

Today, I was sitting in the sun room and realized that I had included God in passing in these decisions but had not truly consulted my Heavenly Father. Ummmmm, yea, not the best idea ya know? I really need to ask God what He wants me to do and where to go for that matter.

Initially, my radar was set for Liberty University in Lynchburg, Virginia. Gorgeous setting and Christ-centered law curriculum. Who could ask for anything more? Right about now, I am thinking child care. While I have no doubts in taking my kiddo to VA, I still need to look into a couple of things and weigh my options. I need to find out what is best for him.

As for schools, I’ve requested information from Villanova, Temple, Widener and Liberty. I don’t know what will come of any of this but I’m still excited about it all.

Can’t believe it is time to start looking. Time flies when you’re having fun


Ooooooh LSAT. Gotta look about some practice ones and maybe prep classes. Although, I do not believe one can be sufficiently prepared for a standardized test…just a thought


So this upcoming fall, I will entering my junior year in college. Yay me!!!! Well, after a class or three this summer I will be like a super junior. Now, I feel like I need to start thinking about graduate school. I really want to go to law school, more specifically Liberty University for two reasons: my brothers did undergrad there and I really like the idea of a strict Christian law application…it intrigues me especially as people often feel that lawyer is synonymous with liar. No, just because they sound the same….

Anywaiz, what do I want to do with my life???

My plan as a lawyer is to advocate up-in-coming Christian businesses in whatever realm they may need representation: real estate to contracts, I would like to be a jack of all trade….only with law 🙂

Well, is it too early to be looking into grad school? When do people usually start doing that? Especially considering that I have a whole child to care for, would it be best to prepare now? Like RIGHT NOW???

Really, it is not even so much the concept of when but how that I am worried about. How do I look for a grad school to really suit my needs? (yes, LU is my number one choice for sure but is it where I really want or need to be?) How do I do that? How do I prepare to go out on my own and care for my son while I am in school? That’s more like it.

These are pretty much unanswered questions on my part for now. I need to look into it. I need to fast, pray, cry and research.