I think I’m going to adopt

…a new style that is. Although, when I get married I would like to adopt a child, still that is a subject for later on.

I figure that if I use perm rods, I will really only have to worry about my hair once…or twice a week. Maybe this is turning into a post about a regimen….ok. Let’s do that.

My Potential Regimen

Sunday – bun for church…(again this is only a potential reg.)

Night time-Rod set

Monday – Unrodded awesomeness

Tuesday – Day old unrodded awesomeness

Wednesday – Two day old unrodded awesomness

Thursday – Three day old unrobbed awesomeness

Friday – I think you get the point

Saturday – unrodded awesomeness puff? and wash (I doubt I’ll need a real wash every weekend. Maybe just a rinse or co-wash AGAIN only a potential reg.)


Now I’m sure during my unrodded awesomeness in the week I will be utilizing bobby pins and making my hair into an actual style…or not. Whatever the day brings ya know?

Anywaiz, the real point is that I think I’m gonna use perm rods in my hair. It’s been a while since I’ve done that and I think at the length my hair is now it would look really nice.

Here’s hoping anyhow…


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