People trust people…….

Well, no they don’t but they DO trust people about products more than companies trying to market said products. Really, who would you rather believe a person who holds no stake in a company and is not being paid to give their “opinion” about something (PR) or a company who wants you to believe that their products can and will change your life if you only give it a chance for $19.99 (advertising)?

It’s all about credibility. I am not saying that companies are not credible but they do work for their benefit and not solely the improvement of their customers’ lives and well-being.

(Please notice that I said solely – I feel that somewhere in the heart of corporation beats a desire to help humanity making things better for our fellow man. Then again, I am quite the realist and sometimes, I lapse into unwarranted optimism. Haha)

I’m really trying to solidify these things in my mind. I feel like it can give me some kind of direction in my learning process.

-> Internalize <-


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