So I made an order to BGLH Marketplace on Feb 14 (my V-Day present to myself. LoL) and it came in the mail ALREADY!!!!!! I am so excited about it. Not just the products themselves but the time it took to get here. Among the 2 products I ordered, I got Oyin Shine and Define (I seriously can go on and on about this product forever). When I first ordered the sample from Oyin, it took like 3 weeks to get to me. They make their products with lots of love and care so I can totally understand why it took so long BUT I guess, just as any other beauty supply store would BGLH had them there ready to ship on demand. SOOOO THIS IS A WIN-WIN!!! I can still support one of my favorite companies, Oyin and get the product I want very quickly. Awesome.

Oh and I also got Darcy Botanicles Madagascar Vanilla Styling Creme. I’ve never tried it before but after reading (and watching videos) about it, it seemed like something I wanted to try. Plus it was only $12 and I didn’t want to just order the S&D.

All right, now back to our regularly scheduled programming: HOMEWORK!!!


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