In my search for information on how to properly put together a press kit I keep coming across the term white papers. Everything else I’ve read about are pretty straight forward things that I have done, recognize and have had exoerience with (bios, press releases, past coverage, etc.) BUT WHAT THE HECK ARE WHITE PAPERS?!?!?!?!

So once again, I was on a Google hunt which of course did not take long because, well, Google caters to the microwave generation. So here it is:

white papers – an authoritative report or guide that is often oriented toward a particular issue or problem (source <- Wikipedia should never be used as a real source but a map leading to other sources, still, it was the first one that I saw. Call it lethargy. LoL)

Hmmmm how do I produce those? I’m going to keep researching and figure it out. I would really like know exactly what I’m getting into before I dive in head first.


http://www.sideroad.com/Public_Relations/pr-strategies.html  <- Just a link I found


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