I’m not gonna lie to you…

The weather has completely destroyed my weight loss efforts. I’ve gained weight because I haven’t been able to exercise and have been enjoying this wonderful comfort food. So unfortunately, I’m back up to 198 (thank God I’m tall otherwise that would look much worse than it does 🙂 )

So here is it for 2011, not a New Year’s resolution or even a diet (in the sense of a temporary change)

Livi’s Workout Plan!!!!!!

Well, I found last semester during my power walking class that it was pretty easy to maintain an exercise regimen….as long as it’s not early in the morning (my class was early and I had to drive to school. If I were walking around my neighborhood, it would be fine to wake up at 6 and go but the sun doesn’t rise until 7 and I have class at 9 so there is NO TIME!!!!!)

After class, I will take a stroll around the area (sight seeing!!!!!) When I say stroll, I mean power walk by the way

I’ve already drastically cut my calories. I mean, all I really drink is water (so refreshing!) and since class have started again, cereal has become a staple in my diet. In the proper serving size, cereal has VERY FEW calories leaving enough room for a great dinner…or lunch depending on where I want to place the cereal. I LoVe cereal: Honey Nut Cheerios, Special K Chocolate Delight, Reese’s Puff, Coco Puffs!!!!! I LoVe CEREAL!!!!!!!! AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!

I’m going to take pictures and chronicle it. NO I WILL NOT POST THE PICTURES YET! Why? I don’t know. But I will put the before and after pic up after a while.

Oh and weekends are for food like lasagna….ITALIAN FOOD ROCKS SOMETHING REAL!!!!!!




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