Mmmmmm bags!!!!

There are few things I love more than a really cute handbag. They add something to an outfit, provide a place for your stuff and just make you feel good. Mmmmmmm bags!!!! I love bags. Well, in me search for a dress tonight, I came across two absolutely adorable bags!!!!


When I was in high school, or even before that, my mom’s best friend gave her a bag. It was green. I’d never seen anything like it before and I was instantly enamored with this fresh dewey bag. I was so happy to walk around with it as it were mine. As if it were my fashion forward purchase. But alas, as it so happens with friends, my mom gave the bag back to her friend when she wanted to wear it and I never saw it again. But tonight, I found this!!! There is no question about it, I am going to buy this. I mean, it’s only like $58….that’s not too bad for such a cute bag…oh and roomy too! I carry a lot of stuff so I need that option.


Oh and this piece of art!!!! It’s simple, it’s stylish, it’s RED!!!!! More than anything else, I really enjoy the color of this cutie. Again, a must buy…not as much as the other but I really think it’s adorable. Big enough to carry my life, but not so big that I look like I’m trying to sneak things out of stores. LoL these are things you have to consider. $78 for this one.


Can’t wait to have these bags in my possession.



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