Once again, my first class for the day was cancelled. I have 2 problems with that. First, I actually came up to campus thinking there was class becasue my phone never alerted me of the e-mail and secondly, classes have been cancelled due to “inclement weather” quite frequently this semester.

That really gets to me because I am paying to come to school and I would really like to get my money’s worth. If the weather were really that bad, then I would be more than happy t stay in bed for another hour because I was the idiot talking on the phone really late. Really, I would be overjoyed to do that but despite my really bad move of staying on the phone, knowing I had to be up at 7, I made the trek all the way up here for class because I LOVE CLASS!!! Ok, no, I love to learn and I am paying to learn so I WANT TO LEARN.

Yes, there is ice on the ground, yes it is raining, but I would not call this inclement. I call this “make sure you get out of the house…or your dorm early so you can get to class on time” weather.




If you are in the Philly or surrounding areas (or even if you’re not) check this out!!!



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