This is by far one of the funniest and most honest books I have ever flipped through. Working in a book store, I do a lot of flipping. One page I flipped to said Christians like R-rated movies that are devoid of sexuality but chock full of violence. THIS SHOOK ME!!!! While it was immensely funny, I thought back on my many Netflix journeys into the land of entertainment and how I will look at the rating description and feel more comfortable if it says it is so rated because of violence but if it says nudity or sexuality I stay away from it.

I often think of the things that I allow my son to watch and how I would prefer to monitor them so I know what he has going into his eye, mind and heart. That process of internalizing visual information does not end when we have gone beyond 4-years-old. It’s still there in all of us and it causes desensitization to things that are against God.


Yea, I think it’s time to cut back on the movies that I watch.


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