The week of living soaplessly: Day 2

Well, the lack of soap still isn’t affecting me. It’s kind of funny, I would have expected that I would feel at least somewhat greasy today but what I feel is soft…like abnormally soft (for me that is). Still, this is only the second day and I will not draw any conclusions until my 14 day experiment-a-ma-bobber is over with.

Ya know, I haven’t used the Jane Carter solution leave-in spray in a while because the price went up. This time around with my kinky twists, I bought it again and diluted it 1 part leave-in to 1 part water and it is just as effective. I actually knew that from a long time ago but I really love the stuff for my twists plus it smells sooooooooooo good!!!! (I just smelled it on my finger).

Anywaiz, adieu!


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