The week of living soaplessly: Day 1

I’ve decided that I will go the next seven days performing my hygiene practices without soap and the following seven days with soap so that I can accurately compare my results and see which is really better.

Today was day 1 of my no soap…ummmmmm experiment. Coming out of the shower, my skin, including my face, felt clean as usual and I didn’t have to use as much lotion because my skin felt supple as it was. Even though I did not use soap, the deaodorant that I was previously wearing washed off without leaving any residue or that weird frictiony feeling that it tends to if it is not washed off properly. Still, none of that. With water and a rag, I’ve accomplished cleanliness. Still, this is only day one. I’m not going to write off Dove yet.

Speaking of Dove, Unilever the manufacturer of Dove products also produces White Beauty a product that claims to bleach skin in the event that people want to be lighter…*cough cough* whiter. Now, I wonder, should I be concerned enough about that to boycott the product. While they promote self love in this country, abroad they are sending the message that people can look better if they are lighter. Should I take this as a justice type issue or should should I leave it as a marketing (demographic) issue?

Are they perpetuating a desire to be what one is not in order to have a better life due to skin colour over merit or is it that they see as desire for such products and are doing their duty (and well, they’re jobs) as a company and producing what the populace wants?

Maybe I’m blinded by my brand-loyalty and would like to pretend that even though people should be happy with themselves and merited because of achievement, that it is ok to disguise this marketing scheme as “giving the people what they want.” Gotta think of your demographic first… yea.


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