It’s that time again :-)

Once again, the semester has begun. It actually begins tomorrow but I’m trying to get into the mindset. For this semester, I am prepared to do better than I ever have before. I’m excited. So far I’ve taken my Facebook down again, cleaned and organized my room and now I’m going to find a nice desk to fit the corner of my room. My class schedule, the way I made it anyway, is really great. I’ll be done by early after so I can take Mini-Me to the library so he can play while I do homework. I love that and I know he will too. Did I mention that I don’t have classes on Tuesday or Thursday? I’m going to try and get scheduled for work those days.

The idea of starting school again is always intimidating. Sometimes, I feel that I can never do better than I have previously done but that’s not true. This semester will not look like any from before. It’s going to be amazing…and a little lonely. While I never spent that much time with friends except for the occasional lunch date, I might have to even cut that out to get things done. We’ll see how that works out.

I’m so excited!


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