Chaos Theory

Starring one of my favorite cuties Ryan Reynolds…as like a real grown up!!! I love facial hair and age… I guess we’ll consider that my true confession for a while LoL

In the movie the main character Frank Allen, played by my beloved, is a man who cannot live without his lists. If there is something that has to be done, it had better be on the list or it will be counted out of his agenda. For the sake of not spoiling the movie, this is where I’ll stop. Plus, that is all you need to know as background for this post that I am currently writing.

He states that whims will become your master if you let them and will eventually lead to chaos. While this is a bit extreme there is truth to it. A regimented life, one made of lists, schedules, itineraries, plans,etc. has direction. Without direction, there will be confusion and the directionless one will eventually end up on the side of the road seeking direction….ummmmm you get it.

The point that I am getting at is my life is devoid of lists and I think they would work very well. I like seeing tasks crossed off of my to-do list. It makes me feel accomplished and being the visual person that I am, it only makes sense (I’m also rather auditory…but that has nothing to do with this).

Peace (I guess there will be if there isn’t any chaos) 😛


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