It’s like prom all over again.

As I sit here enjoying my last glass of chocolate milk for the time being, I remember my senior year of high school. Prom was looming and I had fto look great in my dress.

So what did I do?

I stopped eating a lot of sugar (those cookies after work were bomb!!!! Although, I did cut those as it got closer to prom night), I drank water as if it were going out of style and I walked around CONSTANTLY for my job. By the time prom came, I was a perfect size 9 (normal people sizes, in prom/model world, I was like a 15 or something. Total downer)

Now, I have a similar goal in mind for the next wedding I have to attend: my cousin’s. I am very excited and as it gets closer I am becoming more and more elated… I really love weddings 🙂 The only problem is, I’m stuck at a size 11/12. So tonight, I make my resolution. Not a New Year’s resolution and not even a wedding resolution because after the wedding ends, I don’t plan on gaining weight back. Ummmmmmmm no. Too much work lost if that were the case. Pleh!!!!!

So as I look at the prom plan, I feel that I can pull it off again but as the life ummmm I mean wedding for now plan. Seriously, cutting out sugar for life is unrealistic for me and I would most certainly label myself as a realist.

So the chocolate milk has been mixed. I am sipping it slowly as I write this post as a last goodbye. Well, not a goodbye but a farewell for now as I embark on this two month challenge.

I love a challenge 🙂


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