Update?? Is that what they call it?

I realized that I haven’t written about my hair in a while….really, since I’ve had it in twists, it simply has not been my focus which was actually a nice little break. But, the other day, I noticed that one twist was hanging loose (not because of breakage or anything, it was all shed hair that had come out making it loose), so I look it out. I honestly feel like my hair has grown more than half an inch in the past month. I mean, maybe it is my wishful thinking but it seems MUCH longer than it did when I first put the twists in. Either way, I’m not getting too attached – you never know what you’re going to need to do with your hair. Like cut it….and I think I might. A January trim was the plan but we’ll see what it turns into.

You know what else I wanna do in January???? Henna!!!!! Is it for the strengthening properties? YES. Is it so I can fill in the gaps and cracks in my hair? YES. Is it so that my hair will be strong enough to withstand the foolishness I put it through? YES. Is it for the colour? Maybe……since the colour is not guaranteed to show up on dark hair, I really need to focus on what is important, conditioning 🙂

Anywaiz, I wanna try this too!!!!




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