True Confession: I’m afraid

I do NOT own this, but it's cute right? LoL

So confession is good for the soul right? How about the waist? Yea, I think it is. The fatser I get my weight loss fears out in the open, the quicker I will be able to overcome them and move on.

Confession: I’m afraid of failure. I’ve tried to lose weight many times but not publicly. I do not like to speak about it because I feel that I will fail. I mean, if I tell people that I’m going to do it then I don’t look any different when they see me, I’ll feel bad about myself.

Now that I have said that, maybe I’ll be able to make more moves freely to reach my goal.

Speaking of goals and changes that I want to make, I need to figure out what I am going to do with all of the clothes in my room. I mean there’s a lot. It’s a shame that there are days that I feel that I do not know what to wear. Like, really? There’s so much in my room. I have to work on that…it’s so serious. I feel like a part of growing up is being able to put things in order not to say that all adults are organized but I would like to be.



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