On to the next!!!!

Well, wedding #1 is upon us….2 days away. TWO DAYSSSSSsS!!!!!! Can you believe it???? I can’t.

I’ve lost enough weight to feel good in the dress…great. Now the next goal (I guess this would be considered long term) is to lose 30 more pounds by the next wedding….I like measurable goals, they feel much more attainable. That would put me at 167 lbs. Not bad. Not bad at all. I’ll see how I feel then and decide how much further I want to go. I’m big boned so a good amount of my weight is there (HATE THAT SOMETIMES!!!!) So we’ll see.

Well, here’s the plan:

Journaling what I eat (I bought a cute red journal for that)

Cooking EVERYTHING I eat….I do enjoy cooking 🙂

Exercise….maybe walking since it’s the most convenient but I’ll look into others too.

Well, that looks like a good plan to me and I’m very excited about it.



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