Time mine

So I’ve never been into my look like that really until…..this year maybe??? More like last semester. I needed a change and the fastest thing one can change is their look so I went for it šŸ™‚

Ummmmm I swore to myself that I would keep my nails and eyebrows done at the beginning of the semester but that failed within a month but I think I can make it work around Christmas break. I’m going to start keeping my eyebrows waxed (every 2 weeks), having my nails done (maybe every 3 weeks with little self touch ups in between) and keeping my hair in some kind of a style (which will be kinky twists from now until march…we’ll see how that will work out).

I guess this will be an experiment for now, but I am really tired of looking down at my completely undone toes. My toesies need some loving too and well, it would be nice to pamper myself every now and then.


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