Ok so the title is not about what you think. I’m actually really excited about something right now. I cannot believe it!!!!

So right now…..I am…….

UNDER 200LBS!!!!!!!!!

YAY!!!!! Here’s the skinny (no pun intended), since entering college, I have not weighed anything less than 200lbs. Maybe it was the stress, lack of exercise, overabundance of processed/preserved foods. I;m really thinking all of the above but right now, as I type this, I weight 199.2 lbs…..what were you expecting a different number? Like 190 even maybe? Well, that would be living the dream at this point considering I really started worrying about my eating as of late (turns out exercise alone does not do it for me).

I’m so excited and I know it will only get better but I need to get further from 200 than that so I can have a healthy range. Weight is a funny thing and it can definitely fluctuate in like a 5lbs gap…..if I go up like AT ALL, I’m back at 200. NOOOOOOOOO!!!!

Well, existentially, I am overjoyed and very proud of my progress. I can’t wait to accomplish more.

P.S. I will eat again, I’m just so excited about my progress that I don’t want to ruin it…that does not really sound good outside of my head huh? Oh well, I’m still pumped.


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