The current me

So I’ve grown tired of touching my hair…almost everyday. I LoVe my hair, I doooooo but with finals fast approaching and preparation for other aspects of life, I just don’t feel like doing the whole natural thing right now. I mean, DUH, my hair is still natural underneath these kinky twists but I just don’t have to style it once a week with the detangling and the twisting and the deep conditioning and all of that. Oh can’t forget the re-twisting in the middle of the week when they start looking ratty.

Nope, nope, nope!!!!

I’m getting at least two months wear out of these, no real upkeep beyond keeping them clean. Oh and of course a large perk is the growth that I get when my hair is all protected like this. I feel like when I do my own twists, it doesn’t grow as much as when there are extensions involved. I don’t know if that’s true. Maybe it’s only a state of mind. Either way, I’m just happy to not have to touch my hair for a while and January, I’m going to straighten and trim it. Can’t wait….or can I? No I can wait. Let me stop rambling, I have a paper to do.

Ok one more thing, I found these shoes at the Kohls website. I think I can wear these to the wedding. I hope after I order them, they fit!!! I just hate online ordering. Oh well.


Adieu 🙂


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