Judging by the title of this post, you can already imagine what I’ll be talking about. That’s right! You guessed it! Politics!!!

Just kidding!!!!

Feet. For me, this is a really big deal. I have size 11 feet and finding shoes that look good for every occasion is really hard!

Casual boots, dress boots, flats, pumps, sandals, booties, AND SO MANY MORE!!!!

For the most part finding size 11 is hard BUT shopping online has made that a little simpler for me. As I’ve celebrated this small victory by, well, shoe shopping, I’ve run into a speed bump! Like one that threw me off my suspension as I was speeding over it kind of speed bump. The big ones you see in shopping mall parking lots. (as you can see, the speed bumps are kind of a big deal to me too. Haha), the shoes that I’ve bought online, DON’T FIT!!!! The one’s I’ve found in stores, DON’T FIT!!!

So here’s the new deal, I have to buy 11 WIDE!!! WIIIIIIIIDDDDDDDDDEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!! COME ON NOW! It is hard enough to find 11, but now I have to find 11 wide.

Out shopping today, I found the most beautiful Guess peep-toe pumps with like a lace overlay.

Gorgeous AND size 11!!! (I’m sure it was a 3 inch heel while the one pictured is most definitely 4….with my height and lack of coordination, that would be a no no) So I tried them on. The were beautiful but insanely painful! But how could this be? I’m a size 11 am I not? They were my size, no? My feet have never really bothered me as they are proportionate to my 5’7″ frame but this is becoming complicated.

Another challenge to meet and overcome I guess.

Watch out for big foot kids, cuz I’m on the loose 🙂


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