OMG, but it’s a DENMAN!!!!!

After going natural and doing lots of research on how to handle my hair (funny how being natural requires a course), I heard tons of praise for the Denman Brush!

It detangles, it makes your curls pop, it slices, it dices, etc.

Soooooo I got one….an imitation one because I am NOT spending $10-$15 0n a brush. It was great though. I did wash and go’s with it and my Cantu Shea Butter Leave-In and I was set. It was the hottest thing since sliced bread!!!!

Let’s fast forward like a little less than two years to….like 2 weeks ago. I washed my hair and wanted to detangle for a protective style….the brush would NOT go through my soaking wet hair. Like, not at all and it was crazy. It was modified so it had like 3 less rows than it did when I’d bought it so I was very surprised that it was not working on my WET, SECTIONED hair. Really now? Well, going to have to count that one a loss.

My paddle brush, on the other hand, has been working very well for me. I actually stopped the “Denman” when I’d gotten the paddle brush and thought to venture back to the “Denman” for….nostalgia’s sake? I don’t know but I’m definitely going to stick to the paddle brush. It works, it doesn’t hurt and I can get it through my hair without feeling that I am going to have a panic attack….again…that was a bad day but I’m not going to relive it šŸ™‚

Nor will I relive this “Denman” fiasco. I’m just not feeling it. Me and my paddle brush will be just fine.











I’m still not a Denman fan but I do love this woman’s blog!!!!

MopTop Maven’s Denman How-To


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