Brand: Me

Personal branding: what makes me unique and memorable to those that meet me, potential employers, friends, professors, graduate school representatives. Who am I?

I’ve never really had to think to hard about that question, because it never really came up. But as I venture into the depth of life and potential opportunities, it becomes clear that I need to have a personal brand and well sell myself.

But the real question is, how do I build a personal brand? Is it the way that I look? How about the way I communicate? My education? Maybe the work I present for scrutiny (i.e. my writing)?

Is this what it is to be branded? Are these things that I do and barely think about being engraved in my permanent record of life?

This just means I have to be very intentional about things now from the way I dress to every piece that I write for whatever publication. EVEN the way I use social networking sites. I mean, if you google me, the first thing to pop up is my Facebook page…awkward. Not that I put anything out of line on there but hey, it’s still funny.

This has really only become a concern as I think about graduating college and being considered for schools and jobs. I mean, I’m supposed to put my best foot forward but what does that look like? If these people who are examining me look into my background, what will they find? Just some things to think about I guess.


So, here I go. Let the branding begin.



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    Nov 14, 2010 @ 21:09:10

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