Shopping list: Yellow Pea Coat

It’s that time of year when the leaves are changing, falling off of the trees and the wind is blowing a little more briskly. Autumn has fallen on us.

I need a pea coat.

But not just any pea coat, oh no! I want a yellow one. In honour of the beautiful fall colours, I feel that a yellow coat would compliment the season just right. Now to find one.

So far I have found a blue one that I really like and I don’t feel like I would be settling if I bought it.

So about the shoes that I ordered, they were HORRIBLE!!!! They did not look anything like the picture, the colour was off, they looked chalky and they were no where close to fitting my feet without killing me. I’ll definitely buy from DSW again but just not from their website. Going in store has always been better for me when it comes to shoe shopping. I mean, I am a size 11, I can’t expect much from a product that I have no experience with beyond seeing an image of it.

Hopefully, the coat turns out better.


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