I think it’s time!!

I had realized it until yesterday but I have cut my hair every year since I have been natural…Hmmmmm I wonder how that happened? Well, the other years, I don’t think it was so necessary but this year, my ends feel disgusting so they have to go bye bye. I’m only thinking an inch off and then I’ll try a weave or something…I don’t want kinky twists, they pulled out a lot of hair from the back of my head so I have a ¬†funny-fro but it doesn’t seem like anyone notices. I might get them for my aunt’s wedding and just make sure she does then big. Like BIG!!!!

Anywaiz, I think I’ve lost 2 lbs. *insert applause here* I wish it was more but weight loss is a gradual process. I shouldn’t even be reporting this until like tomorrow (one week since my last weigh-in), but I guess a day doesn’t really count for much.

Still, onward!!!




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