No use wasting a waist

So here we go again!!!! Another reason to go on a frantic weight loss mission. 2 Weddings within 4 months of one another. How exciting!!! No really, I’m super pumped that my aunt and cousin are getting married. I love weddings, they’re exciting but the catch is, being a bridesmaid in both weddings, I have to look great for the pictures, not so much for the bride and groom (although, I would only like to complement their wedding photos that will live on forever) but for myself. Not just for the wedding, but for life. I want to make this a lifestyle change not a temporary thing. I’m PUMPED!!!!

So here’s one idea: becoming a fruititarian!!! Well, I don’t really like vegetables to this works better for me. Exercising daily and eating breakfast…usually, when I eat breakfast I can go forever without eating again but after breakfast, fruit for the rest of the day. Apples, grapes, bananas <–very filling, strawberries and other things…I guess.

That’s only one option, I haven’t thought to much about others because this sounds like something that I’d want to do but we’ll see what happens.

Ummmm weekly weigh ins will help. I guess I’ll blog about it all. So here we go!

Today, I did NOTHING because I was sick. But tomorrow, power walking FUN FUN!!!

I’m 204lbs right now, my goal is 150. I’m 5’7″ so my weight is pretty well distributed and I would so be able to live with it but I just don’t like the number.

Anywaiz, here I GO!!!!!



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