Hai-rrrrrrr (rumble with the conscious cloud round 50)

Wow, I think this will be my third post for the day….maybe I should stop. It’s really hard since I have not been on here in so long and I feel like there is so much that I have to say. Well, here’s one about hair. My mom thinks I am obsessive but I’m not, I’m just natural and there really is a different process with hair when you are. It takes more time because I cannot pick up an comb and slide it through. That can be sooooooo annoying at times though. Please do not get me wrong, I love my hair but sometimes it takes a little more effort than I am willing to put forth. I mean I do it, but sometimes, I wish I didn’t have to.

FOOOOOOR INSTANCE: Saturday night, I know I wanna wear a bun to church in the morning. I have the option to do it now before bed and just be finished or to just prep and go to bed finishing the bun in the morning. So I just detangle and flat twist my hair thinking that would be the end of the process. No such luck. The next morning my hair rejected brushes, combs and anything else that tried to penetrate it. My hair was damp with water, so I tried gel seeing that a little bit of water alone wasn’t doing it. Nope. So in a flustered panic, I soak my hair in the sink and STILL NOTHING!!!! This bush is not receiving this brush. Oy, soooooo I gave up, put some gel in my hair hoping that it would curl up the way it does when I have no intention of walking out the house (yup, I get the best styles when I’m alone) and put it in a puff. Not what I wanted to do especially after my mom made it clear that she did not want me to come to church with a fro…well, it wasn’t exactly a fro 🙂

Ummmmmm so yea. I love my hair. As much as we fight (yes, I did just personify my hair) we work it out most of the time. Plus it really has grown a lot so I should not expect to be able to treat it the way I had before.

Minor hair rant, I guess.


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