Have you ever wanted to let someone know that you forgive them? I kind of do right now. There is a person who has hurt me really badly but I have to admit that I set myself up for it and neither of us were really right in the situation. I thought about him today and realized that it’s really not worth it to hold on to it.

Unforgiveness is a killer. You are keeping something inside, holding a grudge, eating yourself up while the other person has not a clue that you even feel that way. HAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Also, how dare I not forgive him when God forgave me for what I did? Hmmmm that’s just ridiculus now isn’t it? I want to walk in the freedom that I have been allowed, so how come I’m not doing it?

Anywaiz, if you ever read this (or even if you never do), I forgive you.

A note to myself: I forgive you too 🙂


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