Relay-tionships (tag, you’re it!!!)

So this is always an interesting topic among girls, Christian or not. Relationships, being in one, getting out of one, after getting out of one, waiting for one, all that jazz. Right now, I talk about them and get all excited at the topic but really, it is just not on my agenda. But it is for many of my friends, stirring them into a frantic tizzy of anxiety and distrust.

Wait, did that sound bad? It wasn’t meant to. What I mean is that we often take it upon ourselves to find the perfect guy, or at least keep our eye out for him. We worry about the relationships we have been in and whether or not we will be able to get over them. The joys of LoVe. I am not a cinic about love just what we mistake to be love…and courtship…the etiquette of courtship…and many other things that we simply do not know how to do because this is something they do not teach in school, but it is in the Bible.

Getting into a relationship: Proverbs 18:22 HE who finds a wife finds a good thing. NOWHERE in the Bible does it talk about a woman pursuing a man unless she is a prostitute. His pursuit says something about his character, while he may be timid, he is willing to go the extra mile to get your attention. His approach also speaks volumes. If a guy comes up arrogant and full of himself, you are probably not the only girl he’s talking to.

We as women really have an easy role to play. Just chill. Being single is one of the best things to be. What you do is worry about your relationship with God. 1 Corinthians 7:32 says that the unmarried person worries about the things of God that they may please Him. Really, just enjoy the single life with friends and family and when someone does apply for the role of husband (we don’t just date for the sake of dating), we prayerfully conduct interviews,ya know, in the form of dinner and a movie, Bible study, spending time with family, whatever. This is something I absolutely love about being a girl.

Last night a friend and I were talking about love and being in love with multiple people, I feel that it is possible because love is a choice. 1 Corinthians 13: 4-8 (patient, kind, isn’t prideful or puffe up, isn’t rude, isn’t selfish, not easily provoked, doesn’t think evil, isn’t satisfied with bad but seeks the truth, bears, believes, hopes and endures all things. NEVER FAILS) basically says that we have to choose to do all of these things if someone is really important to you. Now maybe it is possible to do all this for two different people but if you are doing this, I really don’t think it would happen. Again, maybe it can (it seems possible), but probably wouldn’t (not likely). Really, it is your choice. The thing that people talk about as love is infatuation or the habit of loving.

So while you can be in love with two or more people, you have to choose NOT to be.

Relationships are not a game of tag.

I thought to write this as I was texting a beautiful friend this morning. She’d just gotten out of a relationship and it’s a little painful going through the weaning process sometimes, especially if you are doing it alone. But it’s fine and God knows what He is doing. That is either the person for her and they will get back together or he is not and there is someone else out there who is preparing to be her husband. How exciting!!!! We just have to trust in God’s timing. Waiting for His timing is waiting for His best for us. Awesome

That second to last thing kind of lacked relevance but it was on my mind. Also, the friends, I spoke of in the beginning often include myself 🙂 I know I haven’t gotten this waiting thing down yet but I am surely enjoying the journey with Jesus.


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  1. Nykiah cephas
    Aug 08, 2010 @ 23:01:56

    I love this! You should apply to write for Divine Inspirations Magazine.


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