How’s it going?

Something I’ve noticed about these 30 day processes? They are only supposed to last 30 days…what happens after that. I think God kind of convicted me about that telling me that this discovery thing is a life-long process. Not so much in discovering myself but discovering Him and well, in turn discovering me.

Well, it’s going well so far. I mean, I’ve been managing my time better. Not much better but better. My schedule still needs some tweaking, My days are pretty much consumed with class and homework (or at least thinking about homework…that’s not good. Work in progress). I’ve been trying to spend more time with Dylan like learning stuff together and I am honestly frustrated but that’s just something to pray about ya know? The days that I have to work I am trying to do things before or after so I can at least get something done. That’s proven a little hard before as my mind is consumed with thoughts of the day to come. I feel like if I go overboard on anything I will be late for work and I don’t want that but I guess that’s just where time management comes in 🙂

So reading. I’ve been doing pretty well with my Bible reading. I mean I’m starting from the begininng so it’s actually interesting filling in the gaps from the Bible stories most of us have heard as kids but I really wanted like a devotional thing, like a book, as a guide. So at work one day, I went on my quest to find a devotional but I found something entirely different a book called, The Me I Want to Be: becoming God’s best version of you. A little before my break while I was on the register I was thumbing through it and really liked what I was reading. It’s funny because I was looking for a whole other book but then I sat directly in front of this one that is right on topic for me. The gist of it is that when we are the Spirit filled people we were made to be then we act and live the way we are supposed to with joy and hope and love and peace. It’s GREAT!!!! My friend is reading the book too . BOOK CLUB WOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!

I guess that’s really just it for now. I’m really enjoying this journey with Jesus and loving every moment of it.

*My laptop broke so I will be blogging less frequently. I guess that’s something else to pray about huh? LoL

Adieu 🙂


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. renewedmindtransformedspirit
    Aug 07, 2010 @ 06:26:35

    I think that’s the book !! Haha.
    Glad you’re strengthening your walk with God !
    I hope your 30 day process turns into a lifelong commitment 😀
    Love you !


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