Finding You, finding me.

“Lord prepare me, to be a sanctuary, pure and holy, tried and true. With thanksgiving, I’ll be a living sanctuary for You.”

How dare I ask you to make me a sanctuary when I haven’t been consistent?

So there’s been this lingering question that has just been nagging me: Who am I? Kind of cliche right? Yea, I hate cliches but it’s really what I am trying to figure out these days. I feel that there is something about myself that I need to know and I’m not really sure what that is really…idk.
Well, here’s the plan, I just want to find myself in Christ. I guess I’ll call this the beginning of my self-discovery series. I want to know who I am supposed to be in every part of my life and how I should react in situations. I mean the obvious answer is “Oh, you’re a Christian. What would Jesus do?” Yea…what would Jesus do when interacting with His friends, family, son, how about when someone is lying to Him? I mean there’s just more to it than what would He do. I guess it’s more situational. Oh and relationships and conduct. Also a burning question of mine: how do you have a proper relationship with anyone?

So here’s what needs to happen: Facebook’s gotta go again. I’ve cut back on my usage but maybe it’d be better to just let it go. We’ll see what happens after these 30 days. Internet usage altogether needs to be cut down. Family time needs to increase. Interaction with real people is a must. Asking questions of people who have been in similar situations I have and in some that I would like to be in. Being sure to stay humble and really letting things slide when they need to. Gotta be mindful of the time I spend…

AND spending lots of time in the Word of God. The way to build and maintain a relationship is through communication and communication with God is prayer and meditation on His Word <– I LoVe HiS WoRd!!!

I’m looking to MATURE

M – Make time for God’s word Psalm 119:105

A – Ask God for forgiveness 1 John 1:9

T – Talk to God in prayer 1 Thes 5:17

U – Understand the role of the Holy Spirit Eph 5:18

R – Renew your mind Romans 12:2

E – Enjoy the journey with Jesus!!!

“All day long, I’ve been with Jesus. All day long, my lips have uttered praise. All day long, my heart, my soul’s been lifted in worship. All day long, I have been with Him.”

Guess it’s that time again. Time to lose control.


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