Well today was one of those days where I spent a lot of time in the car. I drove from one school to the next and back filling out an application, getting transcripts and then registering for summer class (DCCC here I come. I really want some DCCC gear to be honest. I want memorabilia from every school that I attend). While in the car a question came into my mind why I am inclined to one political party over another? What is the difference? What’s the deal Liv? But then one words popped into my mind HANDOUTS!!!! (cough cough) I mean, ummmm government aid programs 🙂

Really though, I realize that one party is more likely to give the country money saying that they are doing everyone a service, that people will invest in their homelands and learn how to handle what is rightly theirs. So patriotic (hand over heart looking at a flag) but then it occurs to me, why didn’t we (the people) do that before? Haven’t we learned our lesson? Ummmmm no.

By giving a country a barrel of fish, no one is learning how to take care of themselves. What happens instead is that people realize that they do not have to do things for themselves but they can reach out their hand and receive what others have made. While some will take it and invest, use it as a jump start to getting a job and living life, others will not. In the words of The Grinch as played by Jim Carey, “…and the avarice never ends. I want golf clubs, I want diamonds, I want a pony so I can ride it twice, then sell is to make glue.” Wise words from a furry green creature (what is he supposed to be anyway. Oscar the Grouch’s cousin??? Love that movie though). If many know that they can receive what they did not make then they will continue to take until we are in a greater deficit.

Honestly, I feel that it is better to go into dept over a war (warranted or not) than by giving money to people. The thing is wars will end and there will be a time of rebuilding, that’s how things go. But people will continue to take if you are allowing them to, digging an even deeper hole.


Oh American, the beautiful, I am praying for you.

[Put that in your smipe and poke it.] <— honestly, this was completely unnecessary and random. It just came to my mind LoL but spoonerisms are awesome.


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