Something blue.

I want to wear blue shoes to my wedding. As a young lady of 20, I am inclined to flip through a bridal magazine every now and then. In one I saw these really cute shoes from the David’s Bridal accessories store that were like pink and green, I am supposing for the bridesmaids and it hit me! Well, to be honest, it hit me before like a year or two ago but this was like a little reminder. I really want to wear blue shoes on my wedding day.

Where did “something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue” come from? I would really like to know. I would not like to indulge something that has a questionable origin. I mean, regardless, I want my blue shoes since they are for no  particular purpose but to be blue beneath my white dress.

Oh, speaking of weddings, I NEED A DATE TO MY FRIEND’S WEDDING. So I’ve known about this wedding for like ever now and I have been thinking who to take. I had an idea for one date but then realized that he would be out of town during that time so I asked my friend and now she will be out of town that day also (with good purpose too. I’m so happy for everyone who is going on the Cali trip with House of Chayah). So now, I am stuck dateless…what to do, what to do? I mean, I do not wanna drive all the way to Syracuse by myself. From Philly, that is a five hour drive….ummmmmm, nope. So preferably someone with a license so we can at least switch off whenever. Really, I’m just at a loss.

Whatever. Something will happen.

Blue shoes, out.


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