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Not gonna lie to you….I am a little bit upset. I’d just written all of this stuff and then my beloved Talula (my laptop…that’s her name) decided to shut down without warning. Just asked me if I was wanted to save my webpages. I’m just thinking, “Man, I must have pressed something wrong by accident,” but no. Not the case at all. Anywaiz, let’s chat.  I have three things to talk about: Rap session tonight, something that I cannot remember that I hope will come back to me, and what I have learned so far as a none-teenager. Ya ready? Let’s go. OH WAIT, I REMEMBER!!!!! It’s about summer classes. HA

So tonight was my first time attending a House of Chayah rap session. Basically, it is Christian people talking about stuff. Not like frivolously but really getting to the root of some issues. Tonight’s topic was callings and discipleship (remember, this is from the eyes and ears of Olivia Denton. In the event that you were there and you heard something that you found important that I did not record, I am sorry :-). Callings, there are two kinds: primary and secondary. We as Christians often confuse the secondary for the primary since we were never really taught to emphasize the primary and make it our, uh, primary focus but instead misconstrue our secondary calling as the primary. So SIMPLE!!!! Let’s define

Primary: the great commission to go make disciples of the nations. As Christians, we are supposed to preach the gospel without restraint. The give the news of what changed us so that others may be changed not because we did it and now everyone else has to but because we have the truth and we are supposed to share it out of LoVe.

Secondary: ministry (which literally means to serve). We serve as singers, dancers, deacons, janitors, ushers and any other way you can imagine. Oddly enough, I find that these are the things that can be seen and glorified more readily.

Often times, after we get saved, no one is there to guide us (discipleship) and let us know that we need to constantly be in the Word so that when the opportunity to witness presents itself (which happens often), we will have the words to speak as the Spirit leads and brings it back to memory. Instead, we are told that we need to get out there are serve, serve, serve. WHICH IS RIGHT!!!! We are certainly called to serve but that should not be our main focus but to share the gospel and LOVE of Christ.

Ok…..next. SCHOOL is a killer. So I need to take some summer classes, well need is kinda strong but they are a little more necessary than they are optional. NEXT WEEK IS THE LAST WEEK TO REGISTER…Really? Are you serious? Right now when I don’t have a car right? Great….just, great. Well, all I can say is I need to start planning and praying for God to make a way to Media next and the following week (weeks). This should be something.

LASTLY – so I’ve been 20 for over 20 days. I really wanted to post on this topic on the 24th since that would have been exactly 20 days but the power went out due to a lovely storm knocking out everything in sight…not everything. I am exaggerating in my disappointment. Still, 20 for 20+ days. What have I learned? What is new? How do I feel as a whole none-teenage person? The honest answers, I’ve really been experiencing a lot in these past few days. For some reason my brother has been involving me in his activities asking if I would like to attend his basketball game and not being so surprised when I show up at places where he is placing (guitar). In these excursions, I’ve met people. People that are completely in awe of God in the most beautiful way. They submit to Him and to each other, opening themselves up to help and be there for one another. Not too much of that going on these days, it is good to see that it exists. I love watching the Spirit move people to help others, it intrigues me, the kindness. I’m learning to be responsible. There has been this awkward shift in my relationship with someone due to someone else’s presence and I just do not understand it. Really, I don’t. But I realize that I need to pray for both persons A and B so that things will be done correctly and even though we may not see eye to eye on all tactics, we will realize that we are headed in the same direction. I’m letting go of a lot of things. Ummmmm, ya ever have a relationship with someone that just dissipated out of nowhere? Sometimes you try to hold on and other times, you simply let go. Well, I tried to hold on but God pried my fingers off of this person’s leg…painful but totally worth it. Yea, so I’m learning that there are two ways to go: simply letting go when it is time or having God intervene which can turn into a painful lesson. I’m a little tired of this lesson repetition sooooooooo yea. Oh, last thing. So I’m talking to my friend about this guy that I have like the biggest crush on. He’s in LOVE with God (so passionate and his worship is beautiful), he’s funny, he’s smart, he already graduated college with great aspirations, he’s handsome, he’s talented, just an all around sweetheart. Did I mention pretty good with kids? LoL My intention is not to get into a serious relationship until I am finished with college…I just do not see the point anymore to be completely honest but I will do a full post about that another day mmmk? So why am I even bothering to like this guy like this. My friend who is the awesomeness was like, “Well, pray about it. Ask God to take the feelings away if this man is not supposed to be your husband. It really works. Then you can be friends with him.” Funny how we don’t think to pray.

Well, this ended up being longer than I thought it would…..but it was great though. I had an awesome night and I thank God for His motion.


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